July 16, 2008

Holy internet privacy concerns, Batman

With the rumors that "Dark Knight" tickets are flying off the, er, shelves, I just pre-ordered tix for Saturday night at our local theater. Not five seconds after I hit "purchase," a little blue and white box popped up in the corner of my screen that said "This will be sent to your Facebook profile: Evie bought Dark Knight on Fandango."

Now, I don't have any Fandango application on my Facebook account, so those crafty bastards looked at my IP, said "she's logged into both Facebook and Fandango, these accounts must belong to the same person," and made their shady magic happen. Thankfully it gave me a "No Thanks" option, because while I'm certainly not keeping my Batman-seeing ways secret, I don't want to encourage such big-brotherly behavior in the name of seamlessly integrating my online entertainment experience.

If someone greets me at the door of auditorium #11 with pretzel bits and a Vitamin Water saying "your favorite, with our compliments!" I will really lose it.

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wicked juan said...

I accidentally signed up for Facebook. It seems to stalk me wherever I go, despite the fact that I never use it. Super creepy. Hate it.