July 10, 2008

Deerm-bom-bom. Chick. Chicka-chicka.

Aaron enjoys making fun of me for liking 80s music, even though I don't like 80s music any more than most people who grew up in the 80s--you know it's so wrong but sometimes it's just so right. Thing is it's Aaron playing every instrument in the opening and closing music of our podcast, and you know how those people are. Anyway, often he'll accuse me of loving some crap synth-heavy song, like last weekend when I was an alleged fan of that "Oh Yeah" song from the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off (ok, I probably thought it was totally rad when I was nine). That made me think not of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, though, but of the other movie in which that song had prominent placement, 1987's The Secret of My Success starring Michael J. Fox and Helen Slater (it's during the scene where they're all trying to sneak into each other's bedrooms at the mansion, totally madcap!). And of course with that comes thoughts of what a cute Supergirl Helen Slater was, and wondering what on Krypton ever happened to that fine lady.

And then via Journalista I inexplicably follow a link about the Super Mega Show in Wayne, NJ this weekend, and get the hell out of here, Helen herself is a Very Special Guest. Along with Adam West, Julie Newmar and Lee Merriwether, a confluence of campy comic book adaptation star power that makes the word balloon around the photo of Adam West exclaim "Holy fireworks!" And how, right? But THAT'S NOT ALL. Erik Estrada. Nicole Eggert. Nicole's one-time Super Mario co-star Lou Albano. Nia Peeples. A shitload of WWE folks and also, Erik Estrada. With the original CHiPs patrol car that you can take your picture with.

Now, I've always had a vague knowledge of these kinds of things occurring all over the planet, and I saw Lou Ferrigno at San Diego two years ago, I know one-time stars do the con circuit. But I don't think I'd really grasped the severity of sadness that these things can be. For a split second I thought of going, since we live half an hour away, but Aaron said he couldn't bear to see Julie Newmar in that state, as she in a Catwoman suit was the first image ever that made him feel tingly down there. Even before this one.

Oh, also, Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver will be there, so I can only conclude that he's from Wayne or an adjacent township. Another fun fact about Wayne: one time we were driving through it and passed an actual fountain store with a giant sign that said "Fountains of Wayne." So now you know.

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Anonymous said...

It was either Julie Newmar or Yvonne Craig.

And (this is also why I hate most 80's music) I have an extremely low tolerance for nostalgia and camp.

I can't even watch the old Batman TV show, despite the fact that as you point out, it gave me my first boner.