November 25, 2012

HEY! It's Episode 169!

If our feed is still messed up, you can direct-download it here.

If you want to listen to the newest album by Aaron's band The Ampersands (for free!) (and then if you like it, you can buy it to have on your digital music player!) you can do that here.

If you want to see a picture of a can of beans, you can do that here.

If you want to read this post again, you can do that here.

If you want to see our baby in her homemade Hulk outfit, you can do that here. If you do not, then what is wrong with you.


Batmanofni said...

Another great show, glad to see you're still going. I like the crazy interludes. Not quite as good as 'Tube Socks For Fish' though.

Protoss said...


the direct download link does not appear to be working.


Evie said...

Gra, ok I think it's working now, please check!

Protoss said...

Works fine now, cheers.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Now my browser is just nesting windows of this blog post! I'm doomed, and it's all Aaron's fault

Martin Gray said...

Great fun as ever, loved the extra podcasts.

The storm business sounds awful, you guys are troopers.

So as regards the Spidey reveal, has Aaron admitted yet that he's wrong and should make you a cake right now, Evie?

alsoMike said...

Evie's right on Spidey.

Awesome to have a new ep, and I loved the Fake Geek Girls segment!

Anonymous said...

Great show guys! like almost always, since you were the ones that persuaded me to read The boys, and the only people besides me that follows it, i would had loved more words about this non traditional ending, but it's ok.
The link worked perfectly for me.
I want to see Hulk Baby!!!

El Nono

aaron said...


Martin Gray said...


Anonymous said...

Thats a damn cute smashing, microphone eating monster!
Love it guys.


Ethan Hoddes said...

I thought that the guys on House to Astonish had a good point about Greg Land on Iron Man. Basically they said if you start from the premise that you want to give Greg Land work on a high-profile book (I know we wish they didn't, but clearly Marvel does) then you could fairly accurately say "some of the worst things about Greg Land's art are 1) his faces lack distinction and have wierd expressions and 2) everything is shiny. Let's put him on a book where the main character has his face covered for much of the time, and wears armor that is supposed to be shiny." If you had some appreciation for Greg Land's art, hard though it is to see how that would be, I think you would probably say a positive is that his characters look glamorous, which also fits Tony Stark's lifestyle. Obviously, YOU AND I would prefer he draw something we didn't want to read, but if you were forced to actually pick which Marvel title he'd objectively be best for, I think it would be difficult not to put Iron Man near the top of the list.

Bryant said...

The theme song for "Watching Porn with Greg Land" is too catchy. It is not an ideal song to be walking around your place of employment humming or singing to yourself, and yet its catchiness is such that it overrides my self preservation instinct.

Great show though.

sam said...

Thanks for another great episode, guys.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Something just occurred to me. I love that a couple weeks after doing the first "Watching Porn With Greg Land" Evie made fun of Aaron (and Aaron made fun of himself) when they realised it was 'basically the same bit as another one Aaron did a few months back, but with better production values.' Then after that, you did WPWGL like 8 more times or something.

Claire said...

I loved the "Fake Geek Girls" podcast! I have been working in a comic book store and you wouldn't believe how often guys treat me like a fake geek girl. I do love dropping serious comic knowledge on them and watching them make asses out of themselves though :)

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