July 9, 2012

Ep. 264 - Lost the battle but won the war

The battle to stay awake last night was eventually won by "do not stay awake" before I had a chance to post this, but Chris Sims and I talked about the books that came out this week that Evie and I didn't get to on Friday.

You can listen to that here if you so choose!

Additionally, man we have a cute baby.


Anonymous said...

Jesus- Chris
Chill out.
I am a strong supporter of continuity but this is just an else worlds tale.
It's not a marketing ploy or meant to be a bible- it's just another story.

And the story was fine- how about how fucking awful the art was?

Anonymous said...


As a Batmanologist I have a very important question for you.

Why can't- in any media- comic-animated- movie
Why can't Batman land a batplane.
Every time! He takes one out he crashes it.
The ultimate fighter-strategist- detective- intellect- and he can't land the damn batplan.

Why is this- why is it depcited this way?

Martin Gray said...

Thanks for getting another show to us so speedily. As regards Earth 2 #3, Aaron, that 'Trust you?' bit also surprised me, apparently coming out of nowhere. I also went back and looked for Hawkgirl asking Jay to trust her, and found such a moment in panel 3 of page 6. I wonder if a bit of dialogue got moved around, because it was odd.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for someone to pick up the torch

Anyone doing their own comicbook podcast from this fanbase?

Evie said...

We're actually planning to do a show tomorrow. And there are hundreds of great podcasts you can listen to while you wait. No torch-taking needed.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Anonymous's comics podcast is my personal favorite comics podcast. It takes a while to get past the creepy voice modulation and the occasional rants about Scientology of Julian Assange, but after that it's clear sailing. Oh, and for some reason he/she reviews "V for Vendetta" every other week.

Anonymous said...

So Ethan- Sounds like that would be your formula for a podcast- going with what you know and love best huh?
They say that's the way to do it.