August 8, 2011

Awesomed By Comics Podcast Episode #146

This extra-long episode of the Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by us soliciting ideas for our (now just four episodes away!!) 150th anniversary! That's right, Awesomed By Comics has been around for 150 years, 1874-2011!!

Yes it does. Several of those years count as two or even three, if the crops were particularly bountiful.

Anyway, this week renewed a lot of our faith in comics. Strong debuts for Rachel Rising, Severed, The Punisher, The Cape, Snarked and oh yeah, a certain new Ultimate hero. Strong endings for Secret Six and that thing about tennis which was silly but we loved it anyway. Plus great weeks for Irredeemable, Sweet Tooth, Thunderbolts, Hulk - MAN what a good week for comics. Also we talk about Iron Man Armored Adventures Season Two, which is off to a great start, and the next-to-last step for my band's next record which I've been working on and talking about for seriously at least two years.

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Covers of the week: Red Skull Incarnate #2 by David Aja and Rachel Rising #1 by Terry Moore

And here's what I think was that great Moonstone costume from SDCC. There was a great Moonstone costume at SDCC, and this is a great Moonstone costume, therefore this may or may not be it. But we can pretend it was. Anyway, MORE MOONSTONES PLS is the takeaway from this.


Ziah Grace said...

Awesomedbycomics fans: We can tally up the number of awards. If eleven people take 6-14 episodes each, we can get the final count within a month. I'll take episodes 1-14. If you're interested, it should be reasonably easy. Just email me, or leave a comment here on which episodes you're listening to. Send me the awards that Aaron and Evie choose for each comic and I'll add em up (and if I have enough time, I could arrange a spreadsheet). If we start early, we can finish in time for episode 150! My email is

Alberto De Jesus said...

I'll take 15-28.

Lebeau2501 said...

Question; you want to tally the number of wouldn't that be 150 for each category with an offset for word balloon of the week and cover of the week? Just trying to figure out what we're doing. I'm listening to all of the back-issues and I'm up to 108, so I could do 108-122. Guess I don't understand what we're totaling up here. In any case, we could always do horse quotes.

Ziah Grace said...

No, see, sometimes there is more than 1 award given to each. As such, what I am requesting is for
1. the fans to comment here what episodes they are listening to.
2. Send me the tally of awards, such as who won Hero of the Week, and Villian of the Week.
2.5 Please add Comic title, issue number, publsiher, writer, and artist in case I am unfamiliar with the title.
3. I will add them up and present a total tally with a list of people who worked on it.
And thanks @Alberto De Jesus!

Ziah Grace said...

Oh and as to the Cape: You guys missed the one shot "prologue" that is based on the short story. This series is the imagined aftermath to the short story. And, he dropped his "ex" girlfriend when flying with her. You guys should definately read Locke and Key. It's by Joe Hill who wrote the original short story, and it is fantastic. Really really good.

Guyalice said...

I shall gladly take 29-43.

And I would like to give a Crap of the Week to Thor: Heaven & Earth #2 for inexplicably ending with Bob Dylan lyrics.

Cory said...

I'll take 44-58

DocWhiskey said...

Im listening to back episodes too so I will do 121-125 and #130.

Ziah Grace said...

Can you start at 123 and go to 130? Lebeau2501 is already doing 121 and 122.

aaron said...

Holy shit I can't believe you guys are actually doing this. That's beyond awesome.

wax lion said...

So this is more related to last week since i haven't caught this episode yet, but just thought you'd be interested in the fact there's a song called "A Horse is Not a Home" by Miike Snow.

They're an indie-electro-pop band whose stuff I actually rather dig and I think they're also Bloodshy and Avant, the producing team that did Britney Spears' Toxic? (I actually like the track Animal much better.)

Anonymous said...

What all those "I'm not racist but" guys don't seem to get with their "Marvel should just make new minority characters" argument, is that Spider-Man is not a character -- Peter Parker is a character. This new Miles kid is a character. Spider-Man is a costume.

So their argument is that Marvel should do exactly what it's doing.

Also it's funny that no one ever gave a crap about the half-Latino guy calling himself Spider-Man in the 2099 line, which suggests it's Miles' other half that bothers people. Or just that that was pre-internet and pre-FOX News, back when all the jerks were less noisy.

Docwhiskey said...

No problem, I misread his post and thought he said he was going through 120.

Anonymous said...

Day and date digital distro
Will bring in new readers in ways
nothing the big two-s have ever done.
This is on record.
Archie sells why? It's availability.
Especially if DC strikes partnerships with movie tie in sites- staruck's wifi deals etc.

This is what digital will do.
That alone will be a giant advantage.

Noah said...

A few points:

* I'm with you on the Fear Itself tie-ins completely disrupting the flow of the regular monthly titles. Iron Man 2.0 stopped the story-arc and just leapt to a Fear Itself storyline with no indications of the first story-arc (which hasn't concluded). It was so dramatic of a shift that I thought I missed an issue. They haven't even referenced the first uncompleted story-arc. Just terrible.

* Speaking of Nick Spencer, I know y'all like him. And Morning Glories is good. But his three issues of Secret Avengers for Fear Itself have been some of the worst comic books Marvel has published. The writer and editors should be ashamed of this work. I suspect that it has to do with rushing to press and not having the time to think about the story. Seriously. Just terrible.

* I'd challenge you two to read all of the 52 first issues and review them all.

* and please, can we stop saying "day and date."

Evie said...

Totally agree that a significant move in digital distribution will make a difference. Also totally believe that can be done completely independently of rebooting your universe. They're unrelated decisions, they just happen to be doing them together.

bird said...

oh my goodness ziah and everyone else doing the archiving are awesome! i'd volunteer but i'm not sure i would be able to complete it.

aaron should quit his job and tour. come play denver/boulder/ft collins area, you can stay at my place. we have vegan food and cats!! =)

that last bit might have been weird, sorry.

anyway, what great fans you two have!!

Ziah said...

You don't need to volunteer for all 14 episodes. Any help is appreciated! The earlier we all finish, the fancier the graphs look.

DocWhiskey said...

How are we doing on episode coverage, I might have some free time this weekend so I can take another batch. Assign me a few if needed.

Ziah said...

Fantastic! We are up to episode 58 in back episodes. However, we still will need to catch up to the current episode. So: you can start at 59 and go to wherever you feel like, or start at 131 and go to wherever.
Also, great job on the formatting.

DocWhiskey said...

I'll go 131-140

Dann said...

I can grab 59-70.

As for suggestions on Ep. 150...

- Live stream! Whatever the cool kids are using these days, UStream or JustinTV. Chatroom, maybe webcams (just point it at a cat). Fun for the whole audience.

- Bizarro ABCP! Either re-naming the categories with their bizarro counterparts so you can just give the normal awards and call it bizarro-style ("Your worst picture box of the not-week am?") or just giving awards to utter garbage for the week.

- Have me as a guest host/3rd chair! Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Animal Man, Demon Knights, Swamp Thing, Stormwatch, Justice League Dark, Sgt Rock, Static Shock, Batwoman, Frankenstein, Legion, All-Star Western, Grifter, Action Comics, Blackhawks, Resurrection Man... lots of the new 52 look really good to me.

XandGunn said...

I'd love to help with the tallying of the awards. I can do 71-80.

John said...

Marco Checchetto was one of the only reason's Diggle's Daredevil was readable.