February 17, 2010

ABC Podcast, Episode #80 plus visual aids

This tardy episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by a very special message from Marvel Comics, as well as Awesomed By Comics' new slogan, whatever that might be. SWORD is sharp as ever, Secret Six explodes, and Unwritten kills like a Nazi. Barks, maos and pigeon coos of approval for Tails of the Pet Avengers #1, and an ever expected welcome for the dream team on Pixie Strikes Back. Also Aaron really loved Ultimate Comics Spider Man #7 and Colt Noble and the Megalords #1 and spent half the show talking about them, but there's no need to mention that in this post.

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Cover(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7, cover by David Lafuente:

Evie's pick, from Tails of the Pet Avengers #1, variant cover by Chris Eliopoulos:

Panel(s) of the Week

Evie's pick, from SWORD #4 by Kieron Gillen and Steven Sanders:

Aaron's pick, from Strange #4 by Mark Waid and Emma Rios:


e.g. seitz said...

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Intergalactic Ninja, hilarious. Also I would read that.

Baltimoron said...

"Sperms don't have smiles."

True. They have Greg Land pornface.

Matt Moore said...

Oh my, you two, the Joe Quesada mea culpa was outta sight, dynamite good! Laughed and laughed while listening. Well done! Bravo! Encore! Encore!

Mario McKellop said...
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Oz said...

Here is a topic I was thinking of while watching some of Bruce Timm's animated movies last night. Could you imagine what a Bruce Timm Marvel Universe would be like? Image if he jumped ships and restarted the X-men or Spider-man.

Ethan Hoddes said...

I don't think it's accurate to see the Marvel apology as either surprising or evidence of 'Disneyfication' (whether direct or indirect). Marvel's always been perhaps overly concerned to stay out of fights with the right wing. See for example their decision to put a "mature content" lable on an issue of X-Force that wasn't any more violent or sexually explicit than many unlabelled Marvel comic, but did have two men kissing. For a while they even claimed that any solo series with a gay lead character would be under the MAX imprint, and of course the Rawhide Kid miniseries was released under that imprint despite having no sexually explicit content. There was also the decision to change the title of the second Cable & Deadpool arc from "Passion of the Cable" to "Burnt Offering". I think this is a function of two things, firstly I think that for comics companies 'the kids' are something of a holy grail of marketing, and they see getting a reputation as left wing as interfering with getting back into that market. Secondly, this is often frustrating, but any non-political organization tends to be highly controversy-averse EVEN IF MANAGEMENT THINKS THEY'RE RIGHT ON THE MERITS. Ultimately Joe Quesada's job is to sell comics, and the calulation goes something like this:

1) If we abjectly apologise than the right wingers will forget all about it. Left wing people who like the political slant of this storyline will be irritated, but will keep buying it, because they'll (rightly) assume that the apology is insincere and the political theme will still be there.

2) If we defend ourselves then left-wing readers will be happy, but won't buy any more copies of the book. There's the off chance that the controversy will grow, and cost us sales of Captain America and other books, and maybe even some sponsors.

Ultimately its not Marvel's job to defend truth in general, and I'm not surprised or too angry that they made the decision that they did.