October 11, 2009


OH GOD DAMMIT. Many apologies, but you all are gonna have to wait until tomorrow night for the podcast, which is/was going to be a GREAT one--the computer just up and COLD DIED an hour-plus into recording and erased everything. I suppose as "professionals" we should keep these things to ourselves, but honesty is best. Anyway, it's late, it would suck if we did it again now, so tomorrow it is. Very sorry, but I promise it will be worth the wait, there's at least one piece of major awesome.


aaron said...

It's okay, everything's better the second time.

Except jokes.

And herpes.

jthomasmoore said...

and very spicy food.

Anonymous said...

OH Noes!! :(

Das √úbernerd said...

I've wondered why you don't stop after every segment, save what you have to a new file, and then splice the results back together at the end. Since you're bringing in audio source from the outside anyway I would think that it would be simple to avoid losing everything like that, though I'll freely confess my ignorance in podcasting techniques and technology.

Evie said...

Well, we usually like to keep the momentum going through the show and don't like to stop... but this time we did stop to save every ten minutes or so. It's just hard to remember because there are a few steps involved. Technology!

Woodrow said...

As my old grandpappy Wood used to say, anything worth doing once is worth doing twice, except your tax returns.

Looking forward to this week's episode as always.

Co-Host -- 11 O'Clock Comics