May 14, 2008

That sauce must be HOT and spicy. GET IT??

So the husband just IM'd me with the info that famed chef Mario Batali is at his workplace, with pizza. And there are pictures of Batali all over that say "Photography by Beatriz Da Costa".

It's nice to know that JLI members* find the time for other pursuits, although that's not the one I would have guessed. But you can never tell people's secret dreams from their elemental superpowers, I guess.

*What the hell is the status of the JLI anyway? It's confusing. Maybe Booster Gold #9 will enlighten. I seem to recall something about that.

1 comment:

SallyP said...

Obviously, Bea decided to branch out from modeling. And you should READ Booster Gold! They got the Band back together!