March 14, 2008

Humble (/insecure) request

I recently started this blog to write about something I love, but also to connect with other comics fans. I know that people are starting to wander over here via reciprocal links or my comments on other sites, so I'm asking with Krypto-the-Superdog eyes if you will please leave a quick hello and introduce yourself in the comments*. Please tell us:

1) Where you live (or general region/hemisphere if you don't like to share that info with strangers)
2) Who your favorite character is, if you have one
3) Lemon cookie?

Thank you!

*Even if you think I'm a too-easily appeased feminist for liking Darwyn Cooke's Wonder Woman so much.


Unknown said...

1. Chesapeake, VA
2. I'd have to say Martian Manhunter.
3. Lemon? thanks. :)

And I liked Wonder Woman for putting Superman in his place to some extent. For not being a puppet and not being afraid to tell Kal-El where he could put his righteous indignation. :)

Evie said...

Hey thanks Kevin, you get the Major Award.

And I guess I should have started it off:

1) Jersey City, NJ
2) Wonder Woman at the moment, but it changes regularly.
3) I'd rather have peanut butter, but there were lemon cookies on my desk at the time.

Unknown said...

Wow...I never believed...I mean...I dreamed of winning this award...but I never...

You like me. You really like me! ;)

When faced with lemon cookies, never discount the choice of abstaining from them. ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Vancouver, B.C.
2. Hmm...maybe The Flash? Or Dr. Strange.
3. Lemon! Thank you! How did you know?

Madeley said...


1) Caerffili, Wales
2) Only the one? It'll have to be Green Lantern, Hal Jordan version.
3) Do we get a brew with the cookie?

Evie said...

Plok: My super power is knowing how much people like cookies, and sometimes what their favorite flavor is. Also, I love your city! Only been there once, but would love to go back. When it's not raining. Ha ha!

Madeley: Of course, but I warn you, it might be chilled.

Matt said...

San Diego, CA
The Flash (when Geoff was with him.)
Oh, no thanks. I'm a choc chip cookie person.

Evie said...

Matt: I'm a San Diego native, and while I typically don't miss it too much, things like this morning's freezing rain in New York can modify that position.

Matt said...

SD native? I'm a OCian then LA then San Diego. I've been all over SoCal. I love it here don't think I could move out. Although the increasing number of cars and people is annoying me. That's ok. I escape into comics.

SallyP said...

Well hello. Although I was born in San Diego, I currently reside in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

My favorite character has to be Guy Gardner. I'm just funny that way. you have gingersnaps?

Kristina said...

1) Seattle
2) This is a painful choice, I'm a big sucker for the Bat Boys and I really, really love the idea of Ravager but not her execution. And Captain Boomerang Jr. Right now, I think my big hub has stopped at the Dick Grayson train since Tomasi is absolutely rocking the Nightwing House. (I talk too much, clearly.)
3) Yes please. I have ever-delicious goldfish crackers to trade back (the multi-colored, PC ones! Yay equality!)

I don't think you're too easily appeased, btw.