November 2, 2009

ABC Podcast, Episode #66

So, you'll see the show is there in the right sidebar. Sorry, I passed out on cold medicine (again) and couldn't do the whole kit 'n' kaboodle with the post here. Will do it tonight.


aaron said...

Thanks, Evie!!

tomfowler said...

so how was megaklok? or whateverthehell he's calling himself...

(the word verifcation is "stabum". tee hee...)

Anonymous said...

get better please...I'm feeling the cold as well, my chest is killing me. :(

*prayers for both of us to get better*

Tom said...

Jennifer Love-Hewitt was also on the funniest episode of Boy Meets World. It was the Scream spoof Halloween episode. Her character's name was "Jennifer Love-Phefferman"

I'm going to youtube to look for it right now.


Best quote:
"why are we whispering?"
"because we're in the library"
"when did this school get a library?"