November 22, 2009

ABC Podcast, Episode #69 and visual aids

This episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by the metalest costume wear since the Weezer snuggie, stay cool. Marvel's newest cosmic event Realm of Kings takes off like a rocket, and the ladies of Terry Moore's Echo and Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber's Underground take multiple top honors. We also get giddy over the return of the Joe Kelly/Ken Niimura team-up in this week's Amazing Spider-Man back-up, and Aaron fulfills a favorite creator's musical request.

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Cover(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Realm of Kings: Inhumans, cover by Stejpan Seijic:

Evie's pick, from Underground #3, cover by Steve Lieber:

Panel(s) of the Week

Evie's pick, from Amazing Spider-Man #612, back-up story by Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura:

Aaron's pick, from Mighty Avengers #31, by Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Sean Chen:


KC said...

Aaron stole my cover :(

tomfowler said...


i love you too...

(security tag was "rache", which is what one might get from aaron's licks)

Anonymous said...

I'm very thankful for ABC, thanks guys! :)

Mark said...

It's okay if you guys don't know who some of these Legionnaires are. Seeing as how the Legion is probably the best kept secret in the DCU, most writers make sure to show us why we should care about a lot of those characters.

Eric Lyden said...

Crap of the Week- JSA 80 PAGE GIANT. To be completely fair I'm not even sure what compelled me to buy it considering the actual JSA book has been on the bubble with me for these past few months, but I did buy it and it sure wasn't good.