October 26, 2009

ABCP 65 Cont'd

Since Evie's not feeling so well and has a full day of crap ahead of her, I figured I'd help out and post the pretty pictures, since I know how to do that. If you make clickings, they get bigged.

Here's Evie's cover of the week, Ex Machina 46, written by Brian K Vaughan - cover by Tony Harris with spectacular colors by JD Mettler.

And here's my cover, the variant for Skrull Kill Krew #5 written by my friend Adam Felber, who needs to send me an e-mail next time he's back in New York. Cover by "Rocafort, Regler, and IF's Prianto." (who can also fight for your rights if you've been injured on the job or in an auto accident.)

Here's Evie's panel of the week, from Beasts of Burden #2 written by Evan Dorkin, art by Jill Thompson. And would it KILL you two to put in more cats?

Super bonus - here's more cats.

And my panel of the week, from The Stuff of Legend #2 (which you can get here if your shop didn't pick it up) written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, art by Charles Paul Wilson III.

And, as promised, here's Italian Spiderman.

Sheep pictures will follow. (get it? that's what sheep do.)


Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Get better Evie!

And yes, I think that Atlas-guy is in Rockefeller Center.

And your kitties are adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Great podcast, I'm a new listener, etc. Thanks for alerting me to Beasts of Burden, but I was a little confused at your comments, as my issue #1 didn't end on a cliffhanger. I got closure on that cat-frog fight (spoilers: the pets win). Could there be a misprint that is missing the final pages?

Also, the real wise dog references that Ace was bitten by a werewolf, which sounds cool, but it doesn't happen in the three stories that Dark Horse put up on their web site. Does anyone know where that story was published?

aaron said...

Anon#2 - I guess it was just jarring to see a new series use the 1 & Done format, rather than the hyper-decompressed 5/6 Issue Arc for the trade.

Chevy said...

Regarding the Music Meister, I was similarly underwhelmed with the episode (and the premise took a bit much from the musical Buffy episode too), but I disagree with Aaron on the melody. His "I am the Music Meister!" outlines a minor chord with a major seventh, not typical but great for evoking a sense of menace and dread. It creates a lot of tension without resolving it particularly, and that is exactly the purpose of the song.

Thanks for the great podcast, and cute cats!