October 6, 2009

Oh dizzam

So if you've been listening to our podcast, you know something about our rap battle (or "beef war") with the War Rocket Ajax podcast, which has gotten fairly heated, and also not heated at all. Anyway, Eugene's answer to our Wolverine smackdown opens the most recent episode of their show, and holy crap is it a punch in the head. Go listen to it immediately. We're going to have to do something desperate. Like really, really desperate. I'm guessing Aaron has some ideas.


aaron said...

When was the last time I had "ideas?"

tomfowler said...

i don't know how you can top mc bm bendis. maybe with dj jazzy greg land?

and let me be the first to say it, so that it's been said, and no one else has to fudding say it again:


"where's the beef?"