October 26, 2009

ABCP Episode #65

I am working late and getting sick, so I'm going to put off the visual aids until tomorrow night, but the new episode is up here or in the right sidebar. Kisses.

This episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by the Valley Shepherd Creamery, where we met some totally badass sheep who totally wanted to hang with us for more than our snacks. Speaking of domesticated animals, Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden wins our hearts, as does Power Girl's cat, and her trip to IKEA. Chew holds onto its title as the Surprise Hit of the Summer well into October, and the new run on JLA, hopefully off a steep cliff, begins. Please be sure to download the War Rocket Ajax Halloween Special this week, where we are delightful, or at least shrill, special guests.


Anonymous said...

Kisses? Kisses?!?!?!!! From Evie!! O.O

AWESOME!!! I haven't even listened to the episode yet and I'm excited, VERY excited! :D

sry. Aaron.

Anonymous said...

haha! awesome! Just listened to your War guest appearance...you two Rocked them!!!! \m/

They were NOT good with improv! ;D

aaron said...

Actually, Eugene was just extremely kind to Evie and me in the editing process. That segment was actually probably twice as long as it was on their show, and most of what he cut was his and Sims' jokes.

Incidentally, my secret word down there in the word capture thingy is "illigram" which is a rap lyric waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

aaron, I don't know what it is about your particular podcast, but I get the most hysterical word id's to post here! Other ones are nonsensical, but yours for some reason...

like this one, for instance, is, 'bleggsy'. :D

Eric Lyden said...

I just realized something- Aaron sounds exactly like H. Jon Benjamin

I haven't finished listening to WRA yet, but between you and me I'm rooting for Aaron. You guys have the best 2 person comics podcast in the fucking world.

Sandy said...

HA! I finally listened to this one (missed a couple podcasts from around this time) and enjoyed listening to you guys talking about the Best Comics of 2008 Meta-List. There actually weren't as many "tragic memoirs" on the list as Aaron assumed there were. Instead of being depressed that you didn't know many of the books on the list, look on the bright side: there are many great comics out there that you'd never heard of before! It's a great opportunity to seek out some terrific comic books. I actually think Aaron would really like Kevin Huizenga's Ganges #2 in particular (one of the books you specifically mentioned). Give it a shot.