March 25, 2009

Yes, please!

According to a post today on colorist Christina Strain's DeviantArt blog, Hellcat writer Kathryn Immonen will be taking over Runaways as of issue #11. Um, that is AWESOME NEWS. Hellcat was the craziest, most absurd, most whacked-out series of 2008, and I loved every minute even when I had no clue what the fuck Patsy was doing. I can't speak for her long-range plot planning, as that was not really the point of Hellcat, and is a strength of the strongest Runaways stories, but the dialog at least will be SMOKIN nuts.

The penciler is Sara Pichelli, who did Marjorie Liu's NYX--not sure if it was the first or most recent series, which I was ambivalent about but I'll keep an open mind. Christina herself did wonders for Humberto Ramos' confusing art on Terry Moore's run, and I told her as much when I met her briefly at New York Comic Con this year--she was a delightful person and a genuine fangirl, so if she's this excited about the team, then bring it on.


Anonymous said...

I know, it was cool to hear when the news broke on Blair Butler's G4 segment! :) Didja see it?

But I too, am not quite sure about the artist. But this week's Runaways was more awesome Take art! :)

Evie said...

I wasn't claiming to have a news exclusive... just reporting my joy :).