March 9, 2009

The Nerd Beat

I've had a number of people ask when I'll be reviewing Watchmen on the blog, and the truth is that I have read so many Watchmen reviews, I'm kind of oversaturated with the concept. However, Aaron and I did do a dedicated bonus podcast about it yesterday, which is less than 30 minutes, so I recommend downloading that (right sidebar) as a substitute. But here's the once sentence: We enjoyed it a lot, but thought it maybe didn't quite communicate its many messages to people who hadn't read the book and therefore might have seemed crazy and bad to anyone unprepared for the onslaught.

For something a little different, though, I did write a track-by-track of the soundtrack for, which includes context and history of each song, as well as its significance to the original book (if applicable). And, because in between business stories and Morrissey reviews I've naturally taken over the nerd niche at the magazine, here's a review of They Might Be Giants' "Flood" show last weekend.

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Rodrigo said...

Awesome track by track, thanks Evie.

Cheers from Brazil