January 12, 2009

Somebody keeps moving my chair

You guys like They Might Be Giants, right? Of course you do, you're comic book fans. Anyway, if you do, or if you like any band at all, go read this on my other site, and do with it what you will. (And if you're an artist/cartoonist, there may be something extra for you down the road, but that's for later).


Eric Garneau said...

TMBG is too awesome. I would buy that book in a heartbeat. Although, weirdly, Flood has always been one of my least favorite albums by them. It's pretty clearly their most "important" though.

Melony C. said...

I got on the TMBG bandwagon later on, since living in the backwoods of New Mexico didn't help expand your musical horizons at the time. This would be an awesome book if it gets published.

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