January 9, 2009

Blood Red Rock

If you've not yet become familiar with the band Bang Camaro from their tracks on Guitar Hero or Rock Band, their insane live shows or their recent appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, the pertinent info is that they're an anthem rock band with 20 lead singers. I know, what? Anyway, in addition to being on the cover of Billboard last week for their success with video game placements, they have a bitchin' (and believe me that word is entirely appropriate here) new album out next Tuesday that I reviewed in this week's issue. It's relevant to this blog not only because it's, uh, my blog, but because one of Bang Camaro's touring strategies is to have regional "choir" members so that they can augment the band with local singers when they go on the road, and one of the Chicago guys is Eric Garneau, owner of Munster, Indiana Lansing, Illinois comics shop Stand-Up Comics (another is my friend Jake, but he doesn't own a comics shop).

So, please to check it out. I have not been able to get "The Hit" out of my head for a week, which I believe is exactly the point of a song with such a title.

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Eric Garneau said...

Wow, thanks Evie! Though technically the shop is in neighboring Lansing, Illinois... so anyone nearby, hey, come check us out.

I have fallen out of blogging lately but I think you have inspired me to pick it up again because, well, how embarrassing would it be to have someone follow a link to my site from yours only to find a three-week old post? That's just rude of me.

But no, seriously, thanks again!