July 4, 2011

Awesomed By Comics Podcast Episode #143

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by the fact that you can pay Nick Spencer three bucks or some 80 year-old painter a lot more (we're assuming) for basically the same idea. Great week for some old-school avenging, some classic X-Mens bantering, some Harley bitchery, and goddamnit, why isn't Bruce Wayne building schools and funding fire departments and neighborhood watch organizations and whatnot? Also despite Marvel's promise that Prelude to Schism will make us "understand what leads to the Schism that is coming!" why does it do no such thing? Also why does Montreal hate Pokemon? Also who is "Safeword?" Also should we get the Ocarina of Time 3DS remake? Or should Evie play it on the Wii? OR should we go get the N64 from the basement? SO MANY QUESTIONS HALP!!

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Ethan Hoddes said...

I'm not sure if I misunderstood the crap of the week, or if Evie just didn't know, but Jaime Reyes is still the Blue Beetle in the relaunch. So the Canterbury Cricket reference probably doesn't have any wider significance. http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2011/06/09/blue-beetle-1/

Evie said...

Ah ok, thanks! I admittedly have not been watching the relaunch news like a hawk, so I missed that. Ok well good then :).

Alberto De Jesus said...

Prelude to Schism #4 is complete utter $h!t!!! It was the last in the miniseries. I read the last page and lost my mind. I was furious. The offending image that made me so angry is below:

Spoiler below:

Noah said...

Re: the reveal in Avengers: The Children's Crusade.

Yes, Marvel has been giving this little (to no) publicity and the story feels out of continuity. It makes me wonder if something won't happen to reverse it all before we're done.

Regardless, I have little to no sympathy for people not following this title. Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung delivered an exceptional run of Young Avengers stories n the past and anyone who passes on their stuff for whatever Flashpoint mini or whatever...they're beyond our help.

PS - Aaron. You said you're looking for more indie comics. May I suggest Isle of 100,000 Graves by Jason (Fantagraphics). You will get hooked on his stuff. And Chew (Image) is quickly growing on me and seems right up your's and Evie's alley.

Evie said...

Oh yes, we love Chew--we've just gotten behind so we haven't talked about it in a while. But we raved about tit for the first year or so--I think it got a bunch of awards in our 2009 year-end show. But thanks for the other recs!

Ethan Hoddes said...

I think that it's a bit rich to blame readers for missing a miniseries that was announced as the pending 'season two' of Young Avengers six years ago, following which the writer decided to take time off from handing in scripts late to Marvel in order to hand in scripts late to DC and scuttle their Wonder Woman relaunch, following which we heard nothing for years, following which it was launched not called 'Young Avengers' and without much publicity. I think a reasonable reader could be forgiven for looking at Wonder Woman and deciding that rather than waiting while two different writers wrote arcs between part 4 and 5 of his one story, they would have been smarter to wait for the trade, and deciding not to make that mistake again.

Muddy Hymnal said...

Prelude to Schism is such a P.O.S I felt the need to register and post about what a waste of money it is!
Baring in mind the X-men just spent 4 issues preparing for this, whatever it is, you know its still going to floor them. What a waste of time! Love the show btw guys, going to quantum jump to a reality where I never picked up prelude to Schism.

aaron said...


"But we raved about tit for the first year or so" - Evie

Most humans do rave about tit for the first year or so.

Then they take 11 or 12 years off.

Then for most men, and some women, it's back to raving for the rest of their lives.

Captain Temerity said...

I only got through the first five minutes of the new episode before I got home from work, but I have to say, this opening was hilarious. All the way through the "brought to you by," I was dying.

LOTR_Dan said...

The 3DS remake of Ocarina is GREAT. The visuals are improved, not with new art, but with everything remastered to be sharper. Nintendo didn't add any stupid new stuff to the game, just improved graphics. Check out the comparison shots:


Worth noting is that it also includes the "Master Quest" version that was only available to people who pre-ordered Wind Waker back in the day. It's the same as the original OoT, but the dungeons are trickier. It's a fun little twist on the original, though it isn't unlocked until you beat the game the first time.

The controls work arguably better than the original. It lets you have more items ready to be used as opposed to just the C-buttons on the N-64 controller. It makes using the boots a LOT easier. The maps are easy to navigate with the stylus and it even has hint videos for if you get stuck. Like in that damn Water Temple.

It really is one of the best games ever made, and Evie should play the slightly improved 3DS version anyway. It really is one of the best games for the system. (Which is kinda sad considering it's a remake.)

One last thing, be ready. I got Pokemon Black a few weeks ago. My team is being assembled. Prepare to Duel! Well, once I'm good enough anyway. :)

Gerard van der Waal said...

Hey guys,
Have you read Flashpoint # 3 yet? I won't spoil it for you but it seems that Aaron was right and Ron was wrong. The first characters of the DC reboot universe are slipping into Flashpoint. So to me that seems like Flashpoint IS actually setting things up for the reboot. Plus isn't Flashpoint issue five the only DC book in the week before the reboot or something?

Keep up podding those casts!

Anonymous said...

I had a weird dream where I found some dollar bills on your floor.

Maybe if you check around you will find some lost cash-

Ian Craig said...

I rave about tits all the time and I'm 25...
Re: indie comics - I suspect you've read Blankets by Craig Thompson, but if you haven't, it's an absolute must-read, and I think Top Shelf have just released, or about to release, a new edition, so it should be pretty easy to find. Seriously, well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a slight Indie plug? ...Locke and Key by IDW, it's freaking brilliant and I haven't heard you guys mention it yet (but maybe that's because I haven't listened back all episodes...)


Anonymous said...

My big questions about the Ocarina remake:
- are the Great Fairies still bizarrely terrifying?
- did they get Navi to shut the hell up?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me the sudden proliferation of the term "Good on you"?

Seriously since when is the comics community suddenly all Irish- how did this phrase suddenly become such a meme of the moment?

Anonymous said...

Is Josh Flannagan really that influential- I know he says it ALL the time.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I don't know you. you are totally cracking me up.