July 31, 2011

Awesomed By Comics Podcast Episode #145

Hey! You know what? This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by Horse Quotes, which we invite you to send in at your earliest convenience. We talk a little bit about the last couple weeks of books, recap the best and not-so-best of what we saw at SDCC, AND do our usual show about this week's books! It's like getting one and a quarter shows for the price of having to wait an extra two weeks! Which is not a very good deal at all! Venom, Gotham City Sirens, and Ultimate Fallout were all standouts this week, as were the first Ultimate Fallout and the debut of the all-new, all-not-miserable-anymore Daredevil. Meanwhile, an Eevee family was adorable and Dan DiDio was a colossal jackass at SDCC, but it appears DC is at least going to make an effort to address some of the concerns raised during its panels. (although we learned that too late to talk about it on the show.) Plus other stuff which I forget what it was because we recorded this a thousand days and three billion time zones ago.

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Covers of the week:

Eevee Family

(L-R: Umbreon, Eevee, Espeon, Flareon)

Ultimate Fallout 3

Daredevil 1 (from last week)

Venom 5

Oh and also here's Morty, which was awesome.

And you should probably all be aware that this happened too.

Also who wants to see ZOO PICTURES?!?!?! You say that YOU DO? Well then here are some!!

And some highlights from Friday night's baseball game:


Alberto De Jesus said...

Glad to hear you all had fun at comic-con! I had a ticket to go, but air fare and hotel were just too much.

If only FF 7 had panels that we could match up with some of the dialog you made up. That would be grand.

Hmm. I think Karen Grant is an alias of Ultimate X's Jean Grey . I could be wrong though.

Great recommendation regarding "Fuck You Box". Just visited http://katiecandraw.bigcartel.com/ and bought the Fuck You Box Digital Book. It's hilarious.

Ethan Hoddes said...

I think it's hilarious how positively people are receiving the meaningless Didio/Lee letter. It almost makes me think that they were intentionally assholes so that afterwards the minimum possible response would seem like a victory for their critics. If that letter had been their response AT THE PANELS it wouldn't have been as poorly received as their actual responses, but it's inconceivable to me that the perception would have been that they had handled it respectfully.


moishe offnik:

Lawrence said...

Alberto is correct, Karen Grant is Jean Grey in disguise as revealed in Ultimate X #2 Who is Karen Grant?

In the Ultimate universe mutants are being hunted and locked up again because the Ultimatum event was perpetrated by mutants.

Lebeau2501 said...

I was featured on my favorite podcast for my equine eloquence. Now I don't know what to do with the rest of my life. I know! More Horse Quotes!

So these two horses are out in a field. One horse turns to the other horse and says, "Sure is grassy out here!", and the other horse says, "Holy shit! A talking horse!".

ABCP has made my day.

Ziah Grace said...

Thanks for bringing back the 1 to 10 scale, Aaron. Those always make me laugh.

Also, Didio (and the audience for the 4th day panel) is definitely villain of the week. So very rude.

Have either of you read Sweet Tooth? It's great. That's one of the few comics to have made me cry. Issue 12 & 13 were just heartbreaking. Which... Probably doesn't make you want to read them. But you should! It's good.

A Horse by any other name would smell as sweet. -Shakespeare

Evie said...

You know, I gotta wonder about the true loyalty of our so-called Power Listeners when they ask if we've ever read Sweet Tooth. Yes, we love it (and it almost always wins something) ;).

Anonymous said...

People need to ask themselves when exactly they decided "good on you" was part of their vocabulary and why.
This comic culture linguistic meme is creeping me out-Is this County Cork?

Also point to point - if female readers are a minority in comics- which I agree could be and should be grown as an audience. But fact it is a much smaller portion of readers.
Ask yourself Honestly how many female writers are trying to write mainstream Super Hero comics??
Maybe DC needs to do a better job of hiring- But who would you suggest?
I mean are you actually looking at the pool of applicants b/c to me it would stand to reason it might not be that easy to find female writers who are into writing Batman or The Flash if the number of female readers is already very low- chicken or egg maybe- but you still need to find good quality female writers who Want to do these books.

You also really need to go to DC's podcast page not only are there are there multiple panels dedicated to the exact topics you think they should have covered there you can hear the number of times the gender question is thrown out no matter if the topic had Nothing to do with gender. I would offer some criticism for audience members who used completely inappropriate panels to raise that card just as much as coming down on Didio.

Lebeau2501 said...

I can't think of any heavy-hitter woman writers that Marvel employs, and I'm a loyal Marvel guy. I don't think Marvel has as many female artists as DC, either. I haven't heard anyone complain to Marvel. I guess it's all in how you respond to criticism that you know you will eventually face, and Didio didn't seem to be prepared for it.
I started using 'good on you' when I started listening to ABCP back-issues. I have always referred to issues as episodes, however. I was under the impression that Aaron had stolen it from me.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Well, in the last 10 years or so, inasmuch as DC has "more heavy-hitter female writers" than Marvel, that really just means that they have Gail Simone (maybe Devin Grayson for a while?), make of that what you will. Kathryn Immonen, Kathy-Sue deConnick and Marjory Liu all seem to be breaking in a bit at Marvel. It seems like G. Willow Wilson started out at DC but is now showing up more at Marvel. Really though, I get the sense that this shift, and its worth emphasising again that this is a shift, even as its a larger trend, may be a product of a more general lack of diversity in the relaunch creators. By my count 12 writers (Geoff Johns, Peter Milligan, Paul Cornell, Gail Simone, Scott Lobdell, JT Krul, Tony Bedard, Tony Daniel, Jeff Lemire, Kyle Higgins, Scott Snyder and Peter Tomasi) are writing more than half of the 52 titles. Three more are written by Grant Morrison, who is DC's entrenched foremost writer and will shortly after the relaunch be headlining both the Batman and Superman lines, and Dan Didio and Paul Levitz, company men. A lot of the twelve I mentioned are already established DC writers. I think the degree to which they're shrinking their talent pool is underappreciated.

Ziah Grace said...

Oh damn. I totally forgot that you guys have given Sweet Tooth awards. Bad on me. I even remember thinking that the bear issue should have won Cover of the Week. Oh, well.

ericmci said...

Fuck You Box is awesome.

Evie said...

The only "heavy hitter," period, is Gail. Marvel definitely uses more women writers on a more regular basis (Kathryn Immonen, Kelly Sue, Marjorie Liu, Colleen Coover for backups), and also has given high profile jobs to artists including Emma Rios, Sara Pichelli, Sana Takeda--and they are some of my favorite artists, gender completely notwithstanding. I mean obviously both companies need a lot of work, but when DiDio asked that girl if she had also counted the number of women in Marvel books, the result would not have been in DC's favor. I do agree with Ethan's point that in DC's case, it's more that they're just closing off their club to *everyone* new, and that is going to disproportionately affect women.

Hostile17 said...

I can also confirm that Karen Grant is actually Jean Grey. She took the ID in Ultimate X since it is now illegal to be a mutant and they are being hunted down in the Ultimate Universe.

Newsarama posted an interesting article about the female creator question at the DC panel: http://tinyurl.com/3smpoxf
I definitely agree that DiDio's comments at the panel were uncalled for, and that more diversity in both creators and creations is needed, at least there really aren't LESS women working at DC at the moment.

Ethan Hoddes said...

I'd add the sole caveat that Louise Simonson and Ann Nocenti both had work published recently by Marvel and in my opinion can be considered important comics writers. But the work that that's based on is from the 80s and 90s and they're both semi-retired from comics now. Even Gail Simone is to some degree being graded on a curve in terms of 'success' if not quality. I think that Louise Simonson is the only female creator I can think of who ever approached the success in superhero comics of someone like Brian Bendis, Geoff Johns, Peter David, Joe Stracynski or Jack Kirby (and that's a pretty wide range of critical respectability as well, but all of them at one time or another had a huge and influential presence). Perhaps Marie Severin too. I think there hasn't ever been a "Visionaries" line publication with a woman's name on it (I don't think DC has any equivalent imprint, but I don't think thev've ever had a collection with a female creator's name in the title either).

Lebeau2501 said...

ABCP back issue issue:
I'm working my way through every episode of ABCP and I have discovered a misappropriation of information on Aaron's part.
Aaron's crap of the week was Rogue being dressed in shorts and a halter top and Magneto clearly making contact skin-on-skin and not being drained. Did you guys miss that Rogue has control over her absorbing powers now? It happens in Legacy #220-something.
On a completely different matter, have you guys noticed that X-Factor has been really off lately? I don't know if it's the terrible guest artists or Peter David is misfiring, but I think it's worth some investigation.

Lebeau2501 said...

That crap of the week about Rogue was in episode #103. Not that it matters now, I was just checking because I could see that coming up again as crap if you didn't know about Rogue being able to smooch people now.

Ziah Grace said...

I think that what Marvel and DC should do is make another "Ultimate" Universe that's light on continuity but "matters" in its own world. Then hire writers and artists whose styles maybe don't fit the "mainstream" universes. This would allow for the hiring of more diverse styles, and more importantly, more diverse people. (Seeing as how one of the complaints I've read was that indie comics writers don't match the "house style". I disagree, but it's a somewhat common complaint. It's easy for me to say though, seeing as how I don't work in the industry. Do you guys think that this idea would work to get both more readers and more diverse writers?