June 26, 2011

Awesomed By Comics Podcast Episode #142

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by special guest Ron Richards from iFanboy, who stops by in Evie's absence to talk about the books that came out this week, as well as one that came out a month ago, but Aaron's backup shop mislabeled. WHADDYAGONNADO. Big wins for David Hahn's All Nighter, Fraction and Coipel's Thor work, the second Rocketeer Adventures from IDW and the avocado-fueled adventures of Blake Griffin and whoever the hell "Carl" is. Some tempered complaints about the Ultimate Spidey spoiler and DC's weird-ass "cat in the tree" excuse, and Ron reveals his fear of cosplay and promises to come to New Jersey for episode 225.

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Covers of the week:
The Mighty Thor #3 by Olivier Coipel and Laura Martin, and Flashpoint: The Outsider #1 by Kevin Nowlan

Bonus Rocketeer Animation by the Banana Brothers.

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

Bonus other Banana Brothers.


Anonymous said...

From New York You're Evie and Aaron?

From Jersey City.

Yeah it's close to ny- but it's not.

Represent. You record in chilltown usa
so that's where the show is from.

Aaron said...

Eh, it's close enough. We both work in manhattan, our comic shops are in manhattan, our tv stations are all from manhattan, we spend most of our time in manhattan. If we lived in Needham or Belmont, we'd say "From Boston."

Anonymous said...

Needham - maybe
People from Belmont usually like to distinguish they are from Belmont.
Not like the watrats in Watertown.

They say Boston to cover up where they live.

I guess it depends on your perspective.

Superboy Prime said...

I think when a girl like this walks by Ron- he temporarily rescinds his hatred of cosplay-


Anonymous said...

The kitten thing is so dumb and crazy I can actually totally see it being the real reasoning of a 'big 2' comics editor. And DC editorial especially is so often so blind to how their treatment of non-white characters comes across that I can also totally see them not realizing how it would look to cancel an issue otherwise focused on a Muslim superhero.

But, assuming the kitten excuse is an excuse, it seems just as likely to me that they noticed this issue's similarity to the recent Power Girl storyline and canned it because they didn't want to repeat themselves so soon.

Or they're racist. Or they're cowards and cut it to prevent FOX News reprisal. Either of which would of course be bad, but neither of which that Comics Alliance article has anything but speculation on to back up their accusation. For such a serious charge, give me an anonymous DC source or something.

aaron said...

Yeah, I'm not going to make accusations, although the ones that HAVE been made make an awful lot of sense. All I know is the "kitten" excuse is complete and utter horseshit.

Although it could also explain why DC executives never come on our show... maybe they just don't like cats?

Ethan Hoddes said...

I think that the thing about the cancelled Superman issue, is that none of the explanations given except the hating Muslims one. Make sense without also assuming jaw-dropping incompetence. All of the other suggested reasons don't explain why they didn't get Roberson and the artist to just change the story rather than spike it without notice. You're left with a best-case scenario where the editors are total brain-damage level morons.

Alberto De Jesus said...

DC needs to not freak out by having Muslims in an A-level titles like Superman. Especially Muslims that are not terrorists!

Great show. No one can replace Evie, but Ron was a really cool fill in.

Any word on a The Ampersands CD release. :)

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