December 30, 2010


Because what if we did the show this week, but something AMAZING came out this week, and was the best of 2010, but we couldn't include it in our best of 2010 show because we recorded our best of 2010 show before 2010 was actually really over and then we would all be sad but then we couldn't include it in our best of 2011 show either because it would have come out in 2010 not 2011 and the best of 2011 show we do next year will only include books that were released in 2011 not 2010 which is when books that came out this week are coming out because right now it is technically still 2010 also...


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Jim B. said...

Happy new year, Aaron and Evie!

My nine-year-old got Pokemon Ranger: Galactic Signs for DS; he's barely uttered two words since....
I got the fourth Starman Omnibus and Patrick Meaney's "Our Sentence is Up: Seeing The Invisibles," among other goodies. Will you be sharing your holiday haul with your listeners, hmmmm?

Okay, it's 2011 now -- where's the show?!?