December 5, 2010

ABC Podcast Episode #117 and Visual Aids

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass, who turns our show into ABCP Women (and technically also a guy, but whatever) Kicking Ass! Huge wins for some of our favorite creators, as Gail Simone's Secret Six, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Heroes for Hire, and Fred Van Lente's Taskmaster take home the big prizes, and most of the little ones too. Also, Crap of the Week has never been so literal. Plus, a dog!!!

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Cover(s) of the Week:

Sue's pick, from Batman 80-Page Giant, cover by Dustin Nguyen

Aaron's cover, from The Boys #49, covery by Darrick Robertson

Evie's cover, from Sweet Tooth #16, cover by Jeff Lemire

Panels come from She Hulks #2, Generation Hope #2, and three from Secret Six #28, if I remember correctly, which I may not, but it doesn't really matter at this point because I need to get up early tomorrow and therefore no panels now. But I did better than last week at least!! HUZZAH!


MartynEm said...

Didn't Puppet-Master die in Miss Marvel, like, 2 years ago at the climax of a very fanfic-y super-heroine sex slavery/foxy boxing storyline?

Danny said...

Thanks for the tips on how to drive more traffic to my comics blog, but I'm not sure I want to write about those topics you mention.

aaron said...

That was before I started reading Ms Marvel, but Wikipedia says you are correct, Marty.

Hmm - wonder if this isn't really him? Or if he somehow survived an apparent building collapse? Or, more likely, if editorial forgot they let someone else kill him.

Danny said...

I forgot to mention that most recently the Puppet Master was a villain in a Deadpool Team-Up (google search says it's #890 with Machine Man.) He was trying to get revenge on those fat cats of Wall Street after his retirement savings was destroyed. Deadpool made fun of his feminine looks. A lot.

Bill D. said...

On my blog a few years back I talked about the children's musician Laurie Berkner in one post (probably in regards to taking my son to see her, or else her appearances on Jack's Big Music Show, I can't remember), and then apparently used the word "boobs" in another post that same week. And I've been getting search hits for "Laurie Berkner's Boobs" ever since.

And while, yes, Ms. Berkner is an attractive lady, she doesn't strike me as the sort of children's musician who'd flash her goods for the internet crowd. She's not Xuxa.

(And I apologize for inevitably skewing your search results for all time with this comment.)

Mo Walker said...

Tom Welling is always quite enjoyable when he is playing 'Bad Clark'. This has occurred several times over the years and usually involved Red K.

You guys should checkout the early seasons of Smallville which heavily featured older actors and actresses such a Annette O'Toole. Just fast-forward the Kryptonite/Meteor-rock Powered villain of the the week. I loved the interactions between 'adult characters' and gave them such depth. Jonathan & Martha Kent were depicted as normal parents.

I lost interest in Smallville after the older cast members were written off due to budget reasons. The Geoff John episodes lured me back.

Neiliocentric said...

This show was great! I always enjoy it when you guys have guests on, and I hope we see these ABCP Team Ups more often.

Anonymous said...

Great guest show! :)

Martin Gray said...

Great show with Colleen and the attack cat. Sorry this comment is so late - Christmas and all that!

Thanks, Evie, for the Black Swan review - I saw a trailer this week and couldn't work it out at all, it was just a lot of hyperkinetic images of ballet dancers and scary make-up. I was thinking it was Step Up 3: The Drugs. You make it sound worth a try, though 'tone poem' doesn't bode well. Does the story at least wrap up?

Evie said...

Oh yeah, the story wraps up. It's not totally plotless, just dominated by stuff other than plot.