December 21, 2010

ABC Podcast Episode #119 and Spaghetti Bonus, For 'Tis The Season!!

This later-than-usual episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by The Sanctuary at Rutgers University, which has an amazing comics collection for an ice cream parlor. Try the ABCP Double-Pie, which is not called that and they will look at you funny if you ask for it, but is a scoop of pumpkin pie and a scoop of apple pie. Big wins for Chaos War, Birds of Prey, and X-Factor. Some interesting stuff going on in The Occultist. Aaron flips through Superman: Earth One and spots a painfully stupid mistake. And, surprise surprise, we gush about The Unwritten. Taking a bit of a break from the regular show for a couple of weeks, but our annual year-end spectacular will be here soon to more than tide you over.

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A spaghetti a day keeps the scurvy away.
Three spaghettis a week makes your underarms reek.
Twelve spaghettis a month ah fuck I have painted myself into a corner.

Evie's cover of the week is this:

And then Aaron's cover of the week is this:

And that GODDAMNIT, REALLY? Superman panel is this:

And the actual definition of active voice is this.

And we'll be back next week sometime with our year-end wrapup!


MVBrady said...

1) That spaghetti looks pretty damn good.

2) The Unwritten has been the most consistently awesome book all year.

3) Merry Xmas guys!

Unknown said...

Now I really, really want to find out how the Evie-Aaron hair battle turns out.

Patricio said...

What. The. F. I haven't even listened to the podcast but that Superman panel made my professor's brain explode. WHO DO THESE COMPANIES HIRE?

Jesse said...

I've actually really been enjoying the CHAOS WAR tie-ins,especially Dead Avengers and Mike Kaluta's art on Chaos King (I can't believe I felt sorry for the Impossible Man.) Don't let anybody fool you into buying Alpha Flight though - it's a total loss.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Spaghetti #three (from the top, down) as Awesomed By Comics's picture-of-spaghetti-of-the-week. Maybe even spaghetti-of-the-year! Oh...yes, I just had spaghetti myself...but the vote still goes to your #three as I don't have a picture of my spaghetti, as it is presently in my stomach and getting a picture of it would entail a laprascopic (sp?) laryngeal camera, and probably wouldn't come out (artistically) all that well, unlike the artist and writer of your spaghetti picture #three. Mark Millar and Gene Ha maybe? Mmmm, ABCP-spaghetti. Beats Greg Land any day of the week (though Greg Land probably does 'beat' every day of the week, but that's another tale). So, yes. Thank-you for spaghetti (NOT plural of spe'ghetto', so don't even TEASE about it), and that podcast thing you two do. Cheers.