February 21, 2010


You guys. The computer caught on fire again and self-destructed when we were an hour-plus through recording Episode 81. And yes, we were saving each few minutes but apparently that's not how it works. So we're very sorry, we'll do it tomorrow night, which means we'll have to stay up late like college kids because Aaron works nights. Please do not complain, we are very grouchy about this. I think we know where the tax refund is going this year.


Anonymous said...

remember: computers LOVE COLD weather! ;)

RomoTotti10 said...

Make it extra great tomorrow.

I can't wait. I like your to hear your opinions.

I appreciate your hard work.

Keep it up.

PB said...

That's scary. How do you even fix that? Seriously, tell me, because my brain catches fire every now and again.