August 17, 2009

Once upon a time there was a scientist named Henry Pym

Last week we warned you that we were going to Boston over this past weekend, and may not be able to do the podcast. What we should have obviously known is that our car, which you may have now come to think of via past events as Ultron, would not make it all the way to Massachusetts and would instead just stop running while we were driving 80 on I-95 in Connecticut. As it is wont to do.

After a bunch of fun with AAA and Pep Boys and whatever, we did make it back home on Saturday (no Boston or friend visits or Ponyo for us, boooo), but then everything else we own started falling apart, like our furniture, and our will to live, so there was a lot of time spent at Home Depot, and Carvel. Back next week, pinky swear.


Seth Joseph said...

Holy Damn! That's a crap weekend you just described. Hope this week is better!

aaron said...

1) car breaks
2) furniture breaks
3) motor in miter saw burns out
4) furniture fixed
5) futniture not fixed, ha ha ha.
6) furniture fixed

Sandy said...

That sucks!

Ponyo was great.

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that your car is a clunker.

Any chance of being able to turn it in to get that federal rebate for a new ride?

Evie said...

We totally looked into that--the sad and totally predictable fact is that the Cash for Clunkers thing is based on gas mileage, and of all the craptastic problems our car has, fuel efficiency is not one of them.

aaron said...

in fact, our car gets better than average gas mileage, since it doesn't use fuel when it's being towed.

Anonymous said...


Sorry guys, that sucks. :(

You should totally do to your car what happened to the fax/copy machine in Office Space.

Anonymous said...

You'll never believe what happened to me today...MY car broke down! GAH!!!

Your badcarluck is rubbing off!! O.O *does the finger cross sign thing to ward off your bad karma*