April 26, 2009

No means no, and early means late

So you know how last week I was all "dudes, not only will we not skip the show next week, it will be early?" Well so actually, we're not skipping the show, but the thing I was supposed to be tied up with today was canceled, and the whole computer thing is kind of a tedium that involves tiny screwdrivers and constantly missed UPS trucks, as do most tediums (tedia?), so we'll be doing it tomorrow night. Aaron has the day off tomorrow and will definitely be here to sign for the missing power supply, so we should be all set. Just think about HOW AWESOME it will be after ALL THIS TIME apart.

Here's a bonus: If you send me an email about what you did with your time while there was no ABC, I will read it on the show. Within reason, of course (I'm talking to you, JUGS subscriber).


Hank The Crank said...

I am sorry you guys are having such technical issues I am glad you will be posting a new show soon.

I have spent the time away from the show contemplating how awesome the show is. The things I have observed / learned:

1)I learn new words (like zaftig!, using that all the time)

2)I really miss the Zen stuff.

3)I saved money (I always end up buying stuff that you guys recommend)

4) Listening to your show is like having coffee with intellectual friends. Instead of talking about Tolstoy or Camus we talk about Brubaker and Parker.

5) If I had $1,000,000 I would buy you a K-Car (it is a nice reliable automobile).

6) I love when you talk about music. I'd love to know your thoughts on Griffin Silver.

7) I would be willing to purchase and mail to you a copy of Young Liars by Dave Lapham just to know what you thought of it. I think it is really great, even though I don't get it at times.

Well that was a bunch of random observations!

I love your show and while we disagree on some things, I respect your reasoned opinions and your passion.

You guys are simply better than anything that is out there. As Conor would say your show is "really strong".

Anonymous said...

I miss Evie. :(

My awesome quotient for a few weeks now, has gone unsatisfied.

*sadness slowly replacing awesome feelings*

Sandy said...

My time while there was no ABC was just like the Oscars, if the Oscars were playing with my kids and reading World War Hulk: Incredible Hercules, The Other Side, and Blazing Combat.

Anonymous said...

As the infamous "Juggs subscriber", I would like to state for the record the following:

1) I was never a subscriber to "Juggs"..."Vouptuous" maybe, but never "Juggs". "Juggs" is so derivative of "Big-Uns" and "Gent", and the fiction published in all three is not what it used to be.

2) My time away from ABC was spent not engaged in the eternal homage to Onan that is implied in your blog post, but in the eternal homage to Alan Moore and reading his wonderful "Light of Thy Countenance", which featured a Zaftig blonde, 'nuff said.

3) There is no number 3.