April 20, 2009

And (half) the Winner(s) IS (are) ....

So what with there being no podcast this week, and what with Evie being in jail, I figured I'd share with you a handful of notes about my winners and losers this week. This is basically the document I do the show off of, with some pictures (or visual aids, in Eviespeak) thrown in for good measure.

Moon Knight 29 Mike Benson - Gabrielle DelOtto (cover )

cover of the week. DelOtto's art is always amazingly kinetic, and plus luchadores.

Punisher 4 Rememder Jerome Opena

panel of the week - Punisher getting all equipped to go take on The Hood. This is basically Frank co-opting the Taskmaster's schtick, although I don't remember Tasky ever using an Ant-Man hat. Just an awesome image.

SA Aftermath Beta Ray Bill - (the green of eden) Kieron Gillen Dan Brereton

Ridiculous title, but Beta Ray Bill is awesome. Some skrulls trick him into doing some stuff, then some other skrulls attack him, not sure if both skrull teams are working together or not - super skrull made up of "Warriors Three" - might need to read this one again to speak coherently about it.

Mysterius 4 Jeff Parker - Tom Fowler

Gaust Demons - villain of the week. This book has never not been fantastic. Anyone not reading this in single issues had better pick it up in trade, or you will be seriously missing out on some wonderful comicbooking.

ASM 591 Slott Kitson Eaglesham (GOD WITH THE OSBORN HAIR!)

Last week's crap, this week's surprise. Slott actually handled the Spidey unmasking moment well, although Peter seemed to have a pretty good handle on what had happened. Does he remember making a deal with Mephisto? Does he know what the deal is? I thought he had forgotten all about it? Shouldn't he have been "WTF are you talking about Johnny Storm? You've never known who I am." But the real surprise is JJJ as new Mayor. (yes, AMNY spoiled it, but really, who reads that?)

Also, did we know that Kyle's GF is Sinestro's kid? I don't think we knew that, but I don't know.

Oracle 2 Cure / Cowl Kevin VanHook Guillem March (cover)

Crap of the week. Seriously Guillem? One of the smartest people in the DCU, possibly the smartest woman in all of comics - in a book where she enters a VR world in which literally ANYTHING is possible ... and this is the shot you're going with for the cover?

Classy, Guillem. Real Classy. Also Peter David need to knock it off with the snide recap page comments.

Air 8 G Willow Wilson MK Perker / Fables whatever (crossover #1)

Should probably read these. Might need Fables for 1/L

Incognito 3 Brubaker Phillips

Book of the week. Now as good as the weakest of Criminal, but still getting better. Also have a crush on cover chick, despite corny-ass name.


Evie said...

God there are a lot of typos in this, but I am too busy to care.

aaron said...

I only saw one, which I fixed. However, anyone not picking Mysterius up in either single OR "sigle" issues should get the trade.

Anonymous said...

What is this??!? The no-podcast, podcast blog?!?? O.o

Stop toying with my emotions, ABC!!!

Neil said...

Total crush on Incognito cover chick. Goodness, yes.

Gothicwitch said...

That cleavage shot of Oracle is killing my brain. Gah! *throbs* I'll have to get caught up on my comics reading later next week as I'm in the middle of nasty drama-crap. Will start looking at more supers comics again, but they just can't seem to capture my imagination. I keep having far too much fun w/Echo, I Feel Sick and Ubu Bubu.