December 4, 2008


It's probably too late for this, but just in case it's not: Don't read Secret Invasion #8. You know what happens. If you read it, you'll close it with a furrowed brow and full of doubt that you ever knew the difference between good and terrible storytelling. Instead, read New Avengers #47. Despite being written by the same author and even overlapping in a few panels, it is nothing like Secret Invasion. It is small and tender and tense, and will remind you of a bygone era when that author spent a lot of time doing what he was very good at and did not get in over his head with toothless, lumbering punch-and-kickathons. At least consider it. For the children.


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Oh I just hate the game.

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Save the drama for your mama?

I should have listened to you and skipped SI #8. After the super decompression of #1-7, Bendis switched to the equally awful method of super compression and wraps the battle in like three pages. It was as if he skipped the conclusion and went straight to the epilogue.

What an awful series. *sad face*

In brighter news, the word I have to type to type to verify I'm not made of spam is, "howead." It's making me laugh for some reason.