October 10, 2008

Oh bloody hell

Since interviewing Greg Rucka, I've been catching up on his work that I hadn't read yet, both comics and prose--and in case you want to accuse me of not thoroughly preparing beforehand, well, he's written a fucking lot, so I'd still done pretty well. Anyway, because of what I'd already read and the order that I found stuff, I've been kind of doing it back-asswards, thereby spoiling things for myself in both the Queen & Country timeline and the Atticus Kodiak novels. And now Rucka has posted the first three chapters of the forthcoming Kodiak novel, Walking Dead, on his blog--and like a total fucking idiot I started to read it, and within a paragraph, I've already spoiled an important outcome (to me anyway) of the most recent book Patriot Acts, which I was going to buy when it comes out in paperback next month.

Anyway, I'm still damn sick so don't know what the point of this is except to say that if you haven't read his books and are considering it, don't read those preview chapters. Do read the books though, IN ORDER, because they are some of the best in breath-holding suspense.

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