October 21, 2008

Like Catwoman, but more uptight

So this is rather interesting news, that there will be a new Black Panther, and that she will be a lady. It's especially interesting because a new Black Panther cartoon is starting on BET next year, presumably starring T'Challa, and Reginald Hudlin doesn't seem to be concerned about the crossover mismatch. It's especially especially interesting because DC has just canceled Manhunter and the Minx line, and Marvel is actually replacing a popular male superhero with a female, at least for as long as it holds. This isn't the same as the girl Kraven or Lady Bullseye that just showed up, because a) they're villains, and b) they're not really replacing their male counterparts as much as being probably short-lived vehicles for something or other. But the Black Panther identity is sort of divinely hereditary by design, so all signs point to the unidentified female successor as being much more than a copy cat (uh, no pun and all that).

The Black Panther series lately has been pretty decent, and Jason Aaron's Secret Invasion crossover run was lovely (unlike, you know, Secret Invasion). But I certainly won't be joining in any choruses of protest against this move, because Storm has recently returned to the X-Men in Astonishing, and I'm cool with that, and maybe this means she'll stay and T'Challa will, like, come be their spiritual adviser or something. Also, duh, lady Black Panther. Rawr.

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Cheryl Burnette said...

Fans might like to listen to the podcast interview one of our staff did with Alabama author, Jason Aaron.
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