September 7, 2008

ABC Podcast, Episode #13 and visual aids

This episode of Awesomed By Comics is sponsored by "Celebrity Real Estate Blunders," because oy we should have such problems. Evie and Aaron salute the crop of excellent first issues this week, and wonder whom to blame for the terrible one. Be sure to stay listening through the end of the episode for a special story time with Aaron.

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Cover(s) of the Week

Evie's pick, from Fables #75, cover by James Jean:

Aaron's pick, from Spider Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #2, cover by Terry Moore:

Panel(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Manhunter #34 by Marc Andreyko, art by Michael Gaydos:

Evie's pick, from Secret Six #1 by Gail Simone, art by Nicola Scott:

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