February 5, 2011

ABC has an Android App!!!!!!!!!

YOU. GUYS. So a few weeks ago, awesome listener Aaron O'Brien emailed us to say that like, you know, he'd like gone and developed an Awesomed By Comics Android app, no big whoop. Well, it's all updated and ready, and it is DOPETOWN. You can listen to every show, read every blog post with visuals, follow our Twitter feeds, and more. Plus it's totally free!

Go here to learn more about it, and if you go to that link on an Android phone, you can download it directly.

Or, if you are on your computer and have your phone, use the barcode scanner on the QR code below:
Seriously, this is one of the raddest unsolicited listener gifts ever (our solicited gifts are obviously also super rad), and if you have an Android you should download it immediately.


Anonymous said...

You know who uses darkrooms?

Evie said...

And the award for best nonsequitor comment goes to...

Anonymous said...

TopCow is most def still a publisher and Pilot season happens every year and has since 2007.

Twilight Guardian is a Lot like Kick Ass- Hit Girl except she can only patrol in her suburban neighborhood

Anonymous said...

Just thought it was a bit much

Not like it was a typewriter

Dark rooms still very much exist-

Everyone kind of knows that- it's not
like hipstamatic is a substitute for actual photography

Anonymous said...

Women buy bad comic books too.

Oh and men can buy Good comic books.

AND there's nothing wrong with a shapely lady in a comic either.

And the "app" is awesome- happy to see it for android.

Evie said...

I was just teasing you because you commented about the darkroom thing on the Android app post. Also I haven't listened to all of last week's show w/Caroline, so I didn't know what you were talking about, but that's my problem.

TheNexus said...

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