January 30, 2011

ABC Podcast Episode #124, plus visual aids

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by Fantastic Fangirls and the friendly, fundamentally first-rate feelings of their founder*, the fabulous Caroline, whose name really should begin with a different letter. Big wins for Dr Faustus, Hercules, Joker, Human Torch, Twilight Guardian, an old camera, and I seriously think the rest was all Bendis, ultimate and otherwise. Evie is still AWOL, and she may or may not be back next week but YOU'LL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE THAT EPISODE WILL BE POLY-BAGGED.

*maybe? probably co-founder, but that breaks the alliteration. My sincere apologies to her partners over there if this information is faulty, false, fallacious, fictitious, fraudulent, or fishy.

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Cover(s) of the Week:

Aaron and Caroline's pick, from New York Five #1, cover by Brian Wood/Ryan Kelly

Other visual aids may come tomorrow, if I can get my computer to stop being a poop.


Caroline said...

Thanks again for having me on!

Anonymous said...

Captain America and Thor trailers will be shown during the SuperBowl

Troy Hickman said...

Hey, folks, thanks for mentioning Twilight Guardian! Since you're not familiar with the comic, a bit of background. She first appeared in my mini-comic, Tales of the Pathetic Club (about folks with OCD), in 1993. Then, in 2003 when Top Cow approached me about the rights to publish my Common Grounds series, they made Twilight Guardian part of the deal. After five more years of TG sitting on the shelf, Top Cow asked about updating her story for the 2008 Pilot Season competition, which we managed to win. And that brings us to this four issue series, which is the "pay-off" for that win. It's only taken eighteen years to get her here! I hope you'll stick around for the rest of the ride, as I think it'll be a gas. Thanks again; it's very appreciated!

Caroline said...

Thanks for sharing that, Troy! This was the first time I'd encountered your work but I'm definitely going to be looking for more now. And I'm pre-ordering the rest of this series!

Troy Hickman said...

Glad to hear it, Caroline! And if you check out my other stuff, I'd especially recommend the Common Grounds trade paperback (nominated for a couple of Eisners). It features art by some of the biggest names in comics. You also have to put up with stories by me, but hey... ;)

Jim B. said...

Great show, Aaron and Caroline!
Re: Detective Comics: I think that Jim Gordon backup (ahem) will be finished in Detective 874.


Anonymous said...

"Women have better taste in comics than men."

That's a pretty sexist thing to say.

Kyle said...

Perhaps, but nonetheless seemingly correct.

Maybe instead "women are fully conscious in a way most (all?) men are not of the godawful sexism / sexual objectification that is so deeply woven into mainstream superhero comics and, thus, deliberately avoid patronizing the worst offenders."

Also, Aaron, I love you, bro, but it really says something that you think that Power Girl cover from last week was praiseworthy for getting you to look at her eyes. I don't think it says something about you as much as it says something about the acclimation of male comic book fans to some truly ridiculous depictions of women, but it sure says somethin'.