September 12, 2010

ABC Podcast Episode #108, plus visual aids (except not yet.)

 This very special episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast, featuring special guest Chris Sims, is brought to you by some new developments at yet ANOTHER podcast. Thor has maybe one of the most successful weeks in the history of this show, with two amazing books out this week. There's some love for Welcome to Tranquility, Ultimate Mystery, the Batgirl/Supergirl teamup, Batman and Robin and some new comic-related video games, but bla bla bla LET'S TALK ABOUT THOR, BABY!!

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Anonymous said...

What does Veronica have going for her??


Have ya Seen that chracter before?

Just saying shes' no Velma/

Iñaki said...

Finlly some love to Thr The mighty Avenger. It's my favourite new series and I thought you weren't reading it.

Greetings from Spain

Bill D. said...

The Batgirl/Supergirl team-up in Batgirl #14 was so much fun, and while the Dracula Segway chase was great, my panel of the week actually comes from when they're saying goodbye and pinky swear to be BFF. "Yes, but only because you didn't pluralize it." "But it's already plural." "Never leave ever."

I do love it when someone writing comics actually knows grammar. It seems so rare these days. But then again, I'd probably buy a book called English Major Comics & Stories, so maybe don't go by me.

BringTheNoise said...

According to Millar at a Q&A I attended a few years ago, Jemas pitched [i]Trouble[/i] to him, rather than the other way around.

Patricio said...

I really liked Batgirl. It's nice to read a superhero book that is consistently fun, free of the overblown gravitas of most of DC and Marvel's lines.

RE: B&R #14--I liked the issue. I'm glad to see all of G-Mo's story lines (finally) coming together. I'm of theopinion that there isn't that much complexity in what he's doing, even if it's true that his books aren't always easy reads.

The real problem is that he loves the gaps in his narrative structure, but they don't work as well for superhero books that unfold over years as they do in, say, the Invisibles or 7 soldiers.

Having said that, he has somehow made me go from hating Damian (and longing for an editorial/Superboy Punch retcon of his existence) to liking the character. Damian and Bruce Wayne was a lame pairing. Damian's dynamic with Dick Grayson is fun and interesting, and sets off those characters in new ways.

Anonymous said...

Batgirl is little more than My So Called LIfe in a Bat cosstume.

I think it's funny how many dudes seem to like Batgirl and Powergirl it's such teeangery girl talk

Ethan Hoddes said...

Congratulations Evie, that's probably the only time that "it's a social disease" will be a laugh line.

Evie said...

Ethan, you obviously haven't seen Amazon Women on the Moon.

Mo Walker said...

In reference to Aaron's Doom Patrol question, I think the Chief obtained his Kryptonian off panel during the War of the Supermen story arc.

Also, will you guys be following Kieron Gillen as he infiltrates core X-titles, Uncanny X-Men and Generation Hope?

Evie said...

Of course we will! We'd follow Kieron Gillen through Witchblade. Possibly.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Shows what YOU know Evie! I totally ha...oh, you mean a movie called "Amazon Women on the Moon". Right you are.

Incidentally, I think one thing to learn from comic books is that adding "on the Moon" automatically makes any story better. "A Danish prince feigns madness to avenge his father's death on the moon." "A clever woman finds herself increasingly attracted to a haughty man despite negative first impressions on the Moon" It works for everything except stories that are already on the Moon and Apollo 13.

Quinton Peeples said...

Please, please, please can we check in with "THE GREG LAND INC" podcast more often? I haven't laughed that hard in years.