September 19, 2010

ABC Podcast #109 plus visual aids, plus plus bonus content

This very ordinary episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by our new kitten, Bo. Anyone who's ever listened to our show ever should know what we spend a fair amount of time talking about this week. (Boy Bands.) In addition to everyone loving an amazingly creative The Unwritten, Aaron gushes spoilerlessly about Joe the Barbarian, Evie digs the new Power Man, a listener wants us to start reading New Mutants again, and nobody likes bad storytelling timing or whores. Or whores with bad storytelling timing.

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Cover of the Week

Evie's and Aaron's pick, The Unwritten #17, cover by Yuko Shimizu

Panel(s) of the Week

Evie's Pick, from Thunderbolts #148 by Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey

Aaron's pick, from Joe the Barbarian #7 by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy (spoiler protected)


Here is our new kitten, Bo.

Here's Pingu's Dream:

And here's Pingu peeing on the floor:


Danny said...

Don't blame yourself Adam! I think Marvel has some responsibility in distinguishing its various imprints. Isn't it basic marketing 101 that you should create brands as strongly as possible? Evie herself mixed up the character of Jane Foster (who I thought was Jane Kincaid -- so something must have happened to her husband?) because she's appearing in two different "imprints."

Adam if you like Pingu, you might like Kure Kure Takora. It's an old Japanese kids show that is truly bizarre in its stream-of-consciousness.

Danny said...

is it too late to delete my comment in which I call Aaron Adam? Sigh.

deworde said...

Guys, think you missed the point about that Dick Grayson.

"Eyepatch" has been training kids for year. "Hush" broke out of a cell in Cadmus.

Eyepatch has a missing eye, Hush hasn't. Eyepatch has greying hair, Hush doesn't. Eyepatch is bitter and crankypants, Hush is two scoops short of a banana split.

So... I'm calling clone on at least one of them. Story's still rushed, but it's more mystery, less wtf.

aaron/adam/eric/whatever said...

Danny - no worries, the people at the tennis courts we use think I'm Eric.

And I am completely hypnotized by Kure Kure Takora. This is amazing. The one where the sea cucumber makes a voodoo doll of the octopus, and he and the butternut squash can only look on in horror as the sea cucumber throws darts at it? GENIUS.

Bill D. said...

Pingu kind of reminds me of Pocoyo, which is this Spanish (I think) computer animation for little kids that Granada Television in the UK redubbed into English with the narrative voice of Stephen Fry, and it's all kinds of awesome. The title character is this little, simple-talkin' kid who hangs out with an elephant, a baby bird, and maybe the coolest duck in the history of television. PBS usually runs it after Peep in the Big Wide World, another cute kids show about a chicken, a robin, and another cool duck, and narrated by Joan Cusack.

It's a half-hour of cute, fun kids' TV is what I'm getting at here. I think you'd both dig.

JoeDComp said...

I have a theroy that Hush might not be Dick, simple because Terry was talking with him the same time the New Catwoman and Bat-Robo where fighting Hush. So My guess is there is something we could be missing. Maybe it really Jason Todd taking the role of Dick, or it could have been a editor's error. But I'll hold back judgment until the last issue of this arch.

Also, not sure if any one mention this, but Arron was talking about Savage Dragon in the opeing about the Green Fin guy in a burning feild.

Anonymous said...

Just curious- You LOve terry mcguinness but think X-23 is a bad character

Both cloned versions of an established characters-

I think that X-23 has a lot of possibilities in the same way that Terri has put his own slant on the Batman sensibility- a female wolverine with a lot of the same baggage and abilities could afford a lot of interesting stories.

Just saying if you are able to get on board with knock off batman-(kidding)
give X-23 more of a chance.

Anonymous said...

Ft Greene tennis courts?

Evie said...

Anonymous 1: Terry and X-23 might have similar origins (sort of), but they are very different characters--except that Terry as a clone was totally retconned in JLU after the fact, that's not how he was created. The mentor/mentee aspect of Bruce/Terry is another thing that makes him appealing--Wolverine and X-23 just have a different relationship. Anyway I don't have an intrinsic problem with X-23, I've just never really enjoyed reading her--except in Pixie Strikes Back. She was hilarious there.

Anonymous 2: What now about Ft. Greene tennis courts? We don't live there.

JoeDComp said...

One thing I wanted to mention about Marvel Adventure: Infinte Gauntlet, It is said to see Clevinger's humor not as witty and goofy as it is in Atomic Robo. But I could have sworn that he was co-writing it with someone. I check the web and found I was wrong, but now I need to find a copy and check again.

MVBrady said...

Cute kitten or CUTEST KITTEN???!!

Iñaki said...

there was an issue of Hulk in The peter david /Liam Sharp era where he put on a fin as a disguise

Unknown said...

Awww! Such a cute kitty!

David Webb said...

Having Eddie Murphy play an aged Buckwheat playing the sea lion was typically great casting on the part of the Pingu producers.

JoeDComp said...

Oh last thing from me this week. But I was right. Marvel Adventure:infinity gauntlet is co-writen between Clevenger and Lee Black. oddly enough only Clevenger is credited on most web sites, because I think he is more well know. But I think Lee Black as been working a marvle for some time. There are few moments that feel ike Clevengers writing, such as in issue one where Asimulator(sp?) tries to shoot a Hammer like a Arrow, with Hawkeye explaining why that impossible. I think one plots it while the other scripts it. But I feel Clevenger isn't fully at fault.

CasinoGrande said...

I have to simultaneously agree/disagree with Aaron's Crap of the Week. I do think his reverence for the original Infinity Gauntlet is what is preventing him from enjoying this one. I'm a big fan of Atomic Robo, but I thought the jokes in this issue were some of the best I've seen from him.
I would also disagree with this being for a younger age than Paul Tobin's material. I don't imagine children that young would care about Doom being a trekkie.
Evie thought the plot could be a good idea if well-done, and I would argue that it is well-done.

I think this is the perfect comic for Chris Sims (in the awesome sense, not the Grant Morrison-sense.)

And to Danny, re: Jane Kincaid/Foster, it was explained during JMS' Thor that when Donald Blake was reborn, Jane could sense it and chose to leave her husband. I think it's in the second TPB of JMS' run.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Is Jane Foster now a doctor instead of a nurse? Seems a bit disrespectful to nurses that that's seen as strengthening the character.

Martin Gray said...

Well hello Kitty - what a cutie!

Evie, Aaron ... I'm not reading the Shadowlands stuff, so I hope you'll excuse a question from a dim Englishman. I (think I) know that ebonics is African American slang, but what's modified ebonics?

And what's offensive about a white writer trying to use said ebonics in their work? Surely if you're writing different character types, you should have a crack at capturing personality through speech patterns? Should Dwayne McDuffie or Christopher Priest, for example, not write white characters?

Or am I simply misunderstanding the situation?

Evie said...

Mart--honestly, there's nothing wrong with it. Like we said, it's just kind of one of those awkward, damned if you do, damned if you don't things. Of course writers should be as accurate as possible in dialog. There's just something about knowing that a white writer is sitting there writing black slang that feels just off. Not that he should have done anything differently. It's not a criticism at all, just one of those things that we both felt while reading.

Ethan Hoddes said...

I think any writer not named Chris Claremont is allowed to attempt to write in any dialect they think is appropriate.

Chris Claremont said...

I dinnae agree wit'ya, sugah.

Eldron said...

I just read it today, but my panel of the week just has to be the introduction of Spear in Shadowland - Power Man #2. It was so ridiculously silly (Noun! Verb! Proper Name!) that I had to stop reading just to laugh.