June 27, 2010

ABC Podcast, Episode #99 and visual aids

This episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by a second consecutive week of Dogen, because we are apparently getting contemplative as we near our centennial. Spidey and the new JLI are the big winners, a surprising amount of love is given to both Batman and Superman, and there's more tits-talk than usual. (But come on. Camden? Really?) Don't forget to send in your 100th episode discussion questions. One more stamp and we all get free sandwiches!

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Cover(s) of the Week

Evie's pick, from Namora #1, cover by Stephanie Hans:

Aaron's pick, from Justice League: Generation Lost #4, cover by Tony Harris and JD Mettler:

Panel(s) of the Week

Aaron's pick, from Iron Man Legacy #3 by Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth:

 Evie's pick, from Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark #1 by Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard:


battlecat said...

Yeah, it's definitely Kaine -- Peter gives him that Uncle Ben-y speech about Doing The Right Thing after Kaine says they should run away; then we see Peter fall exhausted into a grave; then "Spidey" leaps out of the mist at the Kravens before they can hunt him down, and there's suddenly no big rip in the shoulder of his costume.

If we hadn't had the first issue of Return Of Bruce Wayne, the bat-tribe descendants in the cave this issue wouldn't have made much sense...

As for what that dude said about The Doctor -- all he does is mess with history! It's like his hobby.

Ethan Hoddes said...

To be fair, the Mad Hatter story wasn't really the same type of story, the various ones that you're describing (I think there's also a story like this with the Penguin in the Batman Animated Series) revolve around a villain seeming to be redeemed only to find out that they've been manipulated. In the Hatter's case there's no actual relationship, and more importantly no betrayal or rejection from the woman in question. If anything it's a subversion of the model, we think we're watching the lead-up to a story like that, but really we're just watching a serial killer stalk his latest victim.

Marina said...

Even without reading Iron Man Legacy I can totally see that Tony lost some kind of bet to Pepper - he seems to be giving her a pedicure.
I'm more baffled by the fact that Tony knows how to do a pedicure than by the outfit - which, by the way, is totally what I would have Tony do if I got the best of him on a bet. I mean, who wouldn't?

By the way, here's how I found your podcast: by googling "Comics" and "Lambada", just to see what happened.

Kyle said...

While I kind of share your opinion of Batman & Robin (sorry, Chris), I have to agree with battlecat; the first issue of The Return of Bruce Wayne is necessary to the plot. It not only sets up the existence of the Bat-cult, it also explains how the Batsuit ended up where it did, which is what tipped off the League in the first place and started that entire B-plot.

Wow this is a really doofy post.

Evie said...

By the way, here's how I found your podcast: by googling "Comics" and "Lambada", just to see what happened.


Ethan Hoddes said...

I haven't been following the Iron Man books too closely, but wasn't there some thing about Tony having a robot substitute to take meetings while he was tooling around in the armor, and whenever no one else was around pepper would boss it around.

Marina said...

Oh, wow, thanks.
Mind-Numbing Boredom, once again, you've served me well!

Urthona said...

You two are whack.

I'm totally hooked.

Checked you out after Evie's IFanboy appearance, and now you got me.

I wish we got to hear you both react when the cats lost it in the car a few episodes back.

More cats meowing please.

MVBrady said...

Just discovered the show and I wanted to say that I really dig it. Thanks for making this, you guys. I've went back and listened to half a dozen or so, and it's a lot of fun.

Also? I'm totally with you on Batman and Robin thing. Just sayin'.

Allen N said...

I enjoyed rreading your post