May 5, 2009

Comic Relics of Yore and Stuff

Last weekend, we made a semi-spontaneous trip to Baltimore to see an Orioles game (they blew it in the ninth, naturally) and visit the Geppi Entertainment Museum next to Camden Yards, which, if you haven't visited, is well worth the $1 game-day admission price (and even worth the $10 on non-game days, if you're in the geek-out zone). It is a veritable children's treasury of comics paraphernalia and WTF delights, so I thought I'd share a few faves in picture format. Do enjoy:

The comics room. Overheard here, by a dad to his toddler son in front of the early issues of Action: "That comic is worth more than your organs!"

So it HAS been done before! Presidential Material 1.0!

And, uh... yeah.

As if there isn't enough grit in Hell's Kitchen.

If I could own any classic #1, it might be this one.

Yeah, that's right Bendis. This is where the first issue of Powers goes in a museum. Deal.

This cover improves my mood every. Single. Time. I. See. It.

Ooo, win my own pony!! Wait what the hell is that?

Guns. For Pez. PEZ GUNS.

Superman, in the pocket of Big Wheat.


Funny, this was the theme of my 16th birthday party.


Ok, so there was this amazing display of Barbies in evening gowns, and I have to admit I was kind of in awe and drooling a little at all the pretty pretty dolls in their dresses. And then there was this, one of the limited editions celebrating Barbie's 50th. I want you to just look hard at this, and think about it for a few minutes, until you can't think about it any more.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! That place WAS interesting!!! O.O

And for a second there, I thought this..."Funny, this was the theme of my 16th birthday party."
Applied to that Six Finger thing. O.o

Glad it did not. :)

And I hope your all day training stuff is going well, unless it's like, stripper training or something.

Eden said...

I really want a Pez gun. I collected wacky Pez stuff for a while. Possibly because I had no life in high school.

I'll have to go there the next time I'm in Baltimore.

Amy Reads said...

Hi Evie,
Very Cool Indeed! I collect interesting Barbies--mostly of the DC or Marvel variety--but I have grabbed a few here and there. I Confess, the one I most want is the Empress Josephine, but at $300+, I cannot justify. What other Barbies did they have?
Amy (Reads)

Evie said...

It's funny, they didn't really have many other theme Barbies--the others were in glass cases, out of their boxes, just dressed up in these AMAZING outfits. This one was actually in the gift shop. So it stuck out as extremely weird.

Seth Joseph said...

If ever you're in Oklahoma, be sure and check this place out:

In the meantime, you can see some 360 degree shots of the interior. I recommend the Bat Cave.