February 4, 2009

Pros and Cons

Maybe you've heard, New York Comic Con starts tomorrow, and that's pretty jazzy. I'm very much looking forward to seeing/meeting a bunch of people that I mostly/only communicate with over the onlines or phone interviews or what have you, plus conventions are just a big fat fun nut farm. Aaron and I decided we'd be too busy/poor to get a table in Podcast Alley, but I'll be spending a shift or two at the Publishers Weekly and Comic Foundry booths, trying to get to many panels and just generally running around with a tape recorder and some sweet little Awesomed By Comics, uh, "business" cards that Aaron got printed up. I know for a fact that we'll be camping out to get into the Wonder Woman animated movie debut on Friday night, and I also plan to hit the CBLDF party Thursday night, which is nowhere near the convention center but very close to my office. I realize that's not a very helpful "come say hi" schedule, but I will be wearing a press pass that I assume will have my name on it (maybe? I forget how they do them), so it's not an impossible feat. Haven't decided if I want to have my laptop with me, probably will not unless it turns out I need it for a specific story, but I'll try to post when I get home at nights. And if I don't, you can assume I'm in jail for slapping Joe Kelly.


Anonymous said...

do not slap joe kelly.

Evie said...

Ok I will not.