November 5, 2008

Yes we very probably can

Holy heck you guys. I'm exhausted and drunk on happies and hope while also majorly buzzkilled by my crap home state, which at the moment can break off and die in an earthquake for all I freaking care. Except for my family and many good friends, of course.

Anyway, I suppose maybe comic books come out today? I'll have to check on that.

Also, I noticed Andy Diggle twitter that he changed an upcoming script of Thunderbolts from saying "the president" to "President Obama," which made him happy, but which makes me go "dude, you're going to put President Obama in Norman Osborn's path of sociopathy? You dick."

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Loren said...

Obama won! This is awesome and I'm not even american. I wish I was at times square or something when he gave his I-just-became-the-president-elect speech. Total, total awesomeness!