August 22, 2008

Nice throw

So since my mind has been in too many places to come up with one nice thoughtful post, I'm going to treat this like a Tumblr for a few days and just throw crap on the wall until everything coagulates.

First up: How do you suppose Peter David gets away with giving updates on his family in the recaps of each X-Factor book? I mean don't get me wrong, it's adorable--I'm genuinely enchanted by the fact that his daughter is a high school bowling champion who is looking at colleges based on their teams, because that's a high-quality brag right there. I'm just saying that knowing how much comics creators Twitter about their families, I'm guessing the rest of them are kicking themselves for not thinking of that gimmick first. But you can't have everyone doing it, because gimme a break. Opening Mighty Avengers to anecdotes about Baby Michael Bendis we do not need.

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