June 24, 2008

Time to break free, whoa oh oh oh

No matter how late, confusing, convoluted or unwieldy it is, I CANNOT WAIT for Runaways #30 to drop tomorrow. Because it means the kids will get back home just in time for a Secret Invasion crossover, and it means the awkward Whedon run is finally putting in its notice. I don't know anything about anything, but I have a feeling Whedon got so excited about taking over Runaways that he lost his mind a bit, and got a little manic, and said "oh let's do this! And this! And omg this with these 16 new characters here! Time travel and funny clothes and it will be so exciting that everyone will be totally engrossed and no one will forget what's going on even if I take a six-month break between issues!"

That's how I feel when I read it, anyway. Or at least I think that's how I feel, I don't really remember (GET IT?).

p.s. I should add that I don't think it's cool to thoughtlessly trash on creators, especially those that have proven their talents in many ways--this is just a case of one of my all-time favorites going a little off the rails, and I'm excited for a new start. So Joss, when you read this, because I know you totally will obvs, don't sweat it.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing thoughtless about a hardcore Runaways fan like yourself trashing the fact that Whedon has denied you your favorite book for six of the last twelve months.

It would be thoughtless to trash him for having bad taste in movies, or ill-fitting pants.

Anonymous said...

...unless you've thought about those things.