June 19, 2008

Check's in the mail

Girl Friday K has posted an entirely too generous review of our first podcast episode, which is awesome in that it is very kind, and horrific in that we now have to deliver these things she says. So I guess we have to think of some things to say for Episode #2 this weekend. And drum up some more "sponsors".


Unknown said...

Tag: ABC Podcast

Does Disney know about this? ;)

Once I go ahead and set my iPod up to sync with my laptop, I'll have to check this out. Desktop I was synced to up and died on me.

Evie said...

Actually, we licensed the title from Charles Bradlee, so it's all good.

Unknown said...

Glad to see you thought ahead on that! ;)

wicked juan said...

The first podcast was great, looking forward to issue #2!

Keept up the great work!

Evie said...

Hey thanks! Episode 2 is up and running, so have at it!