August 14, 2012

ABCP 166

Man alive, this podcast has it going on! Let's checklist!

 Listener contributions? CHECK!

 Listener contributions that you can only kinda hear because Aaron's mic stopped working at the very beginning and nobody knew it? CHECK!

 Baby interruptions? CHECK!

 Cat interruptions? CHECK!

 Batman talk? CHECK!

 PLUS MANY MORE! (it's a turtle.)

 Take the survey below, based on this week's books, and you could be on the next show we do!

And now that we've hyped it all up as being super healthy (All the Evie of a regular ABCP, with only half the Aaron!) you can get the show over there in the sidebar, or you can click this right here and get it this way!

I am on cold meds.


Unknown said...

Well, at least there's a reason Aaron sounded like he was ten feet away. I didn't know what was going on.

Lee said...

I'm really glad you guys took the time to put out another podcast, but for the future, why not have one parent on baby duty, and the other host the podcast with a guest?

You can just switch between Evie and Aaron each week.

Evie said...

We appreciate the suggestion, Lee, and yeah we could do it that way--but the point of the show in general is to do it together (with occasional exceptions), so if that were the regular format, I think we would not have as much fun. Granted I'm sure listening to our baby bitch is not very fun either, but sometimes we can get get her to chill, or we sign up for weekend daycare. She's just in loud period right now. Thank you everyone for your understanding and patience.

Unknown said...

Cool! You read my entry for Villain of the Week (and my entry for Book of the Week, even if you said it was written by someone else). I think that more than makes up for the mic issues.

Nick Jones said...

Oh hey, my bit about DMZ: The Five Nations of New York made the cut. I should add that beyond that last trade, DMZ is an overall excellent series that sees its main character truly evolve over the course of the 72 issues/12 trades, and it's one of the series that I frequently recommend to people who are open to comics but not interested in superheroes.

I have no idea who "Dreadnaught aka Michael" is or why he's credited with what I wrote in the survey, though. XD

Evie said...

Ahaha I got the email with your original comment and was like "how can we give you credit if you're signing as anonymous!" :)

But anyway, very sorry if Aaron attributed your comments to someone else, as you could probably tell he was hopped up on goofballs and not exactly organized.

Suzanne de Nimes said...

I hate to be a party pooper, but between the baby, the Evie's microphone popping, and Aaron broadcasting from the next county over, I found this one pretty much unlistenable.

Unknown said...

To be clear, I don't really mind that my comment was otherwise attributed. Just happy to have been part of the experiment.

waxlion said...

I have no frame of reference for Welcome Back Mr. Kotter other than an SNL sketch featuring Harry Potter in a very similar situation, but if it helps you feel better--
Horshack died of a heart attack on Tuesday and lived with his partner,

His costar on that show,, Robert Hegyes/ Juan Epstein, died in January but was presumably discovered soon after. (I think also of a heart attack?)

Doc said...

This was a fun format and the show was strong enough to overcome the technical issue with the mic. I just submitted my pics for this week and am very much looking forward to the next show! Thank you again for this podcast!

Anonymous said...

Hey you Three,

Just wanted to confirm what 'Nick Jones' said, as I have never even read 'DMZ'. Most of my comments from last week had to do with 'The Boys'. (Butcher=bastard). All credit to him for those comments, and no worries. Just fun to have you doing a podcast. Maybe use a fake microphone as a ruse if May is shy of them. I don't have any friends with kids near me, but I imagine this is how it would go anyway.



P.S. Eve, congratulations on getting a job you are excited about.

Anonymous said...

What I meant was- I imagine your podcast is like if I had friends with a newborn, and I walked into their place wanting to talk about comics. We'd just deal with as best we could and get on with it. Have the conversations we would as the chaotic of life was happening around us. Which you are getting better at.


Michael. aka @dreadnaut on twits. Also send Steve Martin a happy birthday if you have not.

Anonymous said...

Total Horse Recall-

Patrick said...

This is one of my favorite podcasts ever, and pretty much one of the biggest reasons I got into comics. So please understand that it's from a place of love that I say that, maybe you guys have earned a break? Beyond the sound problems (There is NOTHING WORSE Than someone scratching a microphone) making this unlistenable, you guys just seem too tired and distracted, as if you were parents of a newborn or something (weird, right?)

The whole thing that makes your show great is the casual loose chemistry and the way you go into details about what you love and hate about these comics. Hearing you read other people's picks isn't even close to the same thing. I'd rather you just shutter it for 6 months, or however long it takes for babies to grow out of their loud period, than do more like this.

Again, love the podcast (even with your more current-minded what's-happening-now approach, going through old episodes is a lot of fun), so understand this comes from nothing but warm feelings for your podcast, and a desire to see it at it's best.

Martin Gray said...

Hiya chaps, good to have you back.

I really think that the anger and indignation over DC's first press release regarding the death of Joe Kubert is misplaced; you can't know that the writer mentioned Before Watchmen in order to make the project seem more 'OK' by association/sell more copies.

I read the BW mention as being DC's attempt to say, 'eight decades, and Joe Kubert remains a top creator, still producing'. You don't know what was in the writer's mind, you apparently read it from the POV of being anti-BW, so took a certain view. I read it from the POV of not particularly caring about the project, so gave the writer the benefit of the doubt.

Sure, several someones should probably have taken more time to notice how some people may have read the BW reference, but there you go, we all make mistakes. I think they just wanted to get a tribute out there.

But again, I don't know what the writer's intent was, and neither do you. Whatever the case, I doubt Joe Kubert would want his passing to prompt such anger.