August 15, 2010


Hey, you guys remember back when Evie was away and I pretended I electrocuted myself in the bathroom? That was funny.

What's not funny is serious electrical problems inside one's wall, severe enough that an outlet with nothing plugged into it is smoking. THERE IS NO SMOKING IN OUR HOUSE, OUTLET. TAKE IT OUTSIDE, OUTLET.

So blame Electro, or Living Lightning, or Black Lightning, or Static, or Electabuzz, or the fact that Superman is just walking around, but we have exactly one room of electricity right now, and it isn't the one with my recording equipment in it. And also the wall was kinda on fire.

Hoping the 24-hour electrician service comes through and we can get you a show tomorrow.


Jim B. said...

Wow. Stay safe, you two.

Anonymous said...

You two have had so many problems lately, trying to podcast on Sundays that I think (the Christian) God is trying to tell you something. ;)

Maybe you should just make Monday or Tuesday your new podcast day!

Anonymous said...

Uh, try not to die in an electrical fire please... it would really disrupt my podcast listening schedule.

Nick Jones said...

Come now, Anonymous #1. If the ABC podcasting duo is being plagued by electrical problems then it would clearly be Thor who was trying to tell them something (and that thing would be "Give more weekly awards to Thor, Avengers, Thor and the Warriors Four, New Ultimates, and Horse Illustrated," one would imagine).

Hope your electrical issues are getting sorted out, guys! Stay safe!

JoeDComp said...

Man that sucks, hope it doesn't affect your AC. Good luck fixing it.

Ethan Hoddes said...

Jesus, as someone who lives in a city in the summer, "hope it doesn't affect your AC" is about equivalent to "hope Mel Gibson doesn't show up and make himself at home on your couch." If its already happened that's just rubbing it in, and if they hadn't thought of it introduces an entirely new and unthinkable dread.

Hope that the lack of podcast is due to a delay and not because you died in an electrical fire. :-)

Oh, and the discussion of which god is involved in electrical malfunctions brought up unbidden this memory from high school, aka, the worst hymn in all of Christianity. ALL of it.

God of concrete, God of steel,
God of piston and of wheel,
God of pylon, God of steam,
God of girder and of beam,
God of atom, God of mine:
all the world of power is thine.

Lord of cable, Lord of rail,
Lord of freeway and of mail,
Lord of rocket and of flight,
Lord of soaring satellite,
Lord of lightning’s flashing line:
all the world of speed is thine.

Lord of science, Lord of art,
Lord of map and graph and chart,
Lord of physics and research,
Word of Bible, Faith of church,
Lord of sequence and design:
all the world of truth is thine.

Evie said...

Hey everyone, thanks for your notes--we're not dead, nothing has burned down yet, we think we've fixed the problem except for another preventative step. However, we won't be doing a show this week, unfortunately, because the electrical shit got us too off schedule on everything. And we decided there was nothing so earth-shattering that we couldn't sanely skip a show. Sorry, but we'll be back on Sunday!

Scott Haselwood said...

Oh, no.

Anonymous said...

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