May 9, 2010

360-degree fandom

So hey... as you may or may not be privy, Aaron has been helping Eugene from War Rocket Ajax, aka Adam War Rock, with instrumentals for a few of his ballsout rap songs.

One is the live instrument remix for the War Rocket Ajax Podcast; another is the theme song for the Play, Trade or Bury Magic the Gathering Podcast. And look for a Treme-based jam to fly your way soon.

Aaron's band the Ampersands also performs the theme music and outro music on Awesomed By Comics. So really what I'm trying to say here is, if you like any of the above, please consider clicking here to become a fan of the Ampersands on Facebook. You can also listen to a bunch of songs on the MySpace page or even, if you're feeling frisky, buy the debut album on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby (digital or physical), and many other online outlets.

Ok, that's it for the semi-yearly band pimp, thank you for your support, and look out for the next episode of Awesomed By Comics later tonight!

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