April 26, 2010

ABC Podcast #90 and Visual Aids

This "Evie's Back!" episode of the Awesomed by Comics Podcast is brought to you by a super sneak preview of a future episode! SPOILERS!!! This week we are blown away by a ladies' night on the town, discuss why Firestar isn't any fun but we love her anyway, and say farewell to a certain bucket-headed space-farer. Also the Kick-Ass movie makes the Kick-Ass comic look like SHIT. (And go see How to Train Your Dragon instead.)

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Cover(s) of the Week
Evie and Aaron's pick, from Firestar #1, cover by Stephanie Hans

Panel(s) of the Week
Evie's pick, from Brave and the Bold #33, by J. Michael Straczynski and Cliff Chiang

Aaron's pick, from X-Men Legacy 235, by Mike Carey and Greg Land


Patricio said...

Have to agree that both books of the week. Brave and the Bold edged out Firestar for me, but both were great.

I've only ever read McKeever on Teen Titans, so I have to concur with your previous determination that he simply cannot write DC youngsters, but is spot-on when it comes to Marvel youths.

I also really enjoyed American Vampire #2. I'm really enjoying the title. I rarely feel quite that satisfied when I finish reading a floppy.

Oz said...

For Kick Ass, Trust me the graphic novel has a much better ending. The Movie unfortunately was made before the end of the comic was written. Please take an hour, its an easy quick read, and re-read the whole story.

Dylan said...

I think that the official word on Nova is still "hiatus," meaning that it could continue after The Thanos Imperitive. Brubaker did an interview somewhere saying that not all of the members of the Secret Avengers would be in every issue all of the time, which would leave plenty of room for a Nova ongoing.

That said, only a pathological optimist would assume that we'll see Nova #37 a month after the end of The Thanos Imperitive. We've probably seen the last Nova solo book for a little while.

Dann said...

I finished BatB #33, tearing up. Like you guys, I did not see the ending coming until dinner w/ dad. I thought the discussion of Oracles of old was just an explanation of why Babs chose the name later.

I checked the cover, and realizing JMS wrote it, I went "Hh." While he was plenty capable of subtle with Babylon 5, he's not carried that over to comics until this.

I re-read it (which never happens right away like this), to follow again knowing how it ends, and was just as floored.

First time through, when I read the panel where Wonder Woman says "I've never had much trouble getting men's clothes off", I instantly named that my crap of the week.

So oddly enough, my Book of the Week also contains my Crap of the Week.

(Also, my captcha word is "thorst". That's not even a word! Unless it's what Brawndo might quench.)

Anonymous said...

from Aaron's last podcast, I gave some of those books a try, but this time I MUST get Brave & the Bold #33! :)

Russell The Noob said...

I'm torn on Brave and the Bold. It seems as if it's either really well done, but really heavy-handed (Flash/Blackhawks as well as Batman/The Geek) or boring/poorly done. I honestly couldn't tell you what the plot was in the Aquaman/Etrigan book.

Evie said...

Oh, yeah, the Brave and the Bold series as a whole is very inconsistent. I think this is the first time we've given an award to one. But this was great.

Kevin Rapp said...

Thanks for the shout-out on my segment from last week. I had a good time putting it together.

Also, thanks for the recommendation on Brave and the Bold. I didn't know Cliff Chang was drawing it! JMS is normally a BIIIIIIG turn-off for me, so I've kind of ignored the book since he took over. But this issue was surprisingly well done.

Oh, and my pretty much everything of the week that is non-crap-related this week is Hercules: Fall of an Avenger. Specifically the panel where the sound effect for hitting Apollo is "BLAAASFEME". Awesome. I thought they did a great job resolving some plot threads from Hercules and setting up Prince of Power. It was a great balancing act, with lots of action and humor and dramatic character moments. Well done, all around.