December 30, 2009

When we say Year-End, we mean it

The considerable spike in site visits over the past few days leads me to believe either that a) people are just getting to their Spider-Man #615 letters page, or b) that you're all wondering where the hell our 2009 Year-End Awards Show is. Well, do not fear, it is all recorded, winners exist that are known only to us, etc., but Aaron has had to put in some crazy hours this week due to year-end programming at his real job, so it just needs to be edited. Perhaps we'll spend New Years Eve doing that, just as we spent Christmas Eve recording the show, because that's just how much we love you. Either way, we thank you for your patience, and for making 2009 Awesomed By Comics' best year ever! (Yes it only had six months of 2008 to compete with, but still).

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