September 12, 2009

ABC Podcast, Episode #59 from San Francisco, with special guest Ron Richards!

This Very Special Episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you LIVE or possibly recorded from San Francisco, California. We're very excited to have iFanboy's own Ron Richards join the party this week and offer his own picks for our categories, as well as insight into why there are so many batcrap crazy people in this city. A bunch of exciting stuff happens but I've already forgotten what because we're on damn vacation, so just listen to the show.

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Sorry no visual aids right now, because we're out of town without a scanner, but you are all patient little grasshoppers.


Anonymous said...

Awesome reviews everyone! :)

Thanks Ron and Evie and Aaron! You all deserve a well deserved rest now!

How in the world did you meet up with Ron though? Ron gay? O.o I thought I heard him mention something about a boyfriend. I don't have anything against, just wondering?

But it was fun, if not a Looong podcast! Hope to hear more ABC AND IFanboy podcasts soon! ;D

Evie said...


Not that it matters, but no. And we met up by driving to his apartment? Not sure what you mean. We've met at conventions and stuff, plus Ron and I have a Morrissey thing.

ghxdhdxt said...

The only podcast in the world that brings up Morris Day. Would of been great to hear "Jungle Love" at the end of the Podcast.

Ron Richards said...

@Evie - Thanks for having me on! I had a blast

@anonymous - despite living in San Francisco and being a fan of Morrissey, I like women (well one specific woman currently but that's none of you business - heh)
...thanks for being curious :)

(not that there's anything wrong with that)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Evie, thanks Ron, no offense meant to anyone on that question thing.

I had a great time listening to all of you talk this time around, it really was interesting to listen to everyone's brains being picked for all their knowledge of comic books. :)

Evie said...

Derrick, you can rest assured that had we been home with full access to our music and internets instead of traveling, there would have been a the Time outro of your dreams.

Kerri Miller said...

Good show - I was surprised, I thought you guys were skipping a week! Was interesting to have a guest (and friend of the show?).. Ron always was the... shoot, which one of the Three's Company housemates would he be? Janet? Definitely Janet.

Speaking of Friends of the Show, anytime Greg Land wants to drop by and... peel back the curtain to allow us to see his... "process"... well, that makes for good listenin'! (When walking with my Special Lady Friend I'll sometimes sing the theme song to his segment.. I think I'm up to 6 verses of new lyrics ^_^)

Evie said...

Dude, you have to send us those lyrics. I mean Greg. You should send them to him so he can use them.

Unknown said...

Aaron and Evie,

Just discovered your show thanks to Ron (a buddy) appearing and caught the last three episodes.

Excellent stuff so far!

As one of the hosts of 11 O'Clock Comics, I often wonder how a new show can build an audience with so many shows already out there. For most, myself included, at this point adding a podcast in effect requires me to remove another.

Congrats, looks like you kicked someone's ass to the curb in my iPod rotation. :)

Keep up the good work. I love your format, it's unique and fun to play along with.

As fellow lovers of Incredible Hercules, PLEASE tell me one of you choose the panel a few issues ago where Herc is fighting through Hades and there's a huge "BOSCH" sound effect as they battle through a Bosch-like painting area? That reeked of Action Philosophers Van Lente goodness.



Jason Wood
Co-Host: 11 O'Clock Comics