July 14, 2009

Eat it, Mr. Bill

So, this is super fun. As those of you who listen to the podcast know, Aaron does all the music for the show and is in a band called the Ampersands who have a new(ish) album. Anyway, since music these days is all about the Twitters and the YouTubes and the going viral and also Play-Dough, we worked with animator Maya Erdelyi to create a Claymation/puppetshow video for the single "Winterspring," and here it is. Please watch it and send to your friends, and also: PLEASE PLEASE, if you have a Facebook account, go to the Ampersands page and become a fan. Facebook has those slick new usernames for easy search and navigation, but you can only get one as a musician if you have 100 fans, and we have been slacktastic at promoting it. But this seems like as good a time as any to remedy that, and you can help! Ok, that's it, watch the video now.


Hank The Crank said...

OMG this video is awesome! All i want to know is when the one for Dreams and Doing Errands is coming out!

Can't wait for the new record (or as the kids say Albulm)

Affacturage said...

The U.S. politicians and policy-makers allowed the greedy financial barons to destroy the entire global financial system at U.S. tax-payer expense. Very interesting! A must-read for every U.S. voter so that we can hopefully avoid these same mistakes in the future. The author also tells us exactly what needs to be done to get the U.S. out of this mess, which is exactly the opposite of the actions the politicians are currently taking

Seth Joseph said...

I see, Affacturage... so the pipe-cleaner trees are the spreading power of the International Monetary Fund and transnational corporations, while the little dinosaur with the saxophone is the Clinton Administration giving free reign to the Fed (and representing a failed evolutionary paradigm) while the conditions create an endless feedback loop, as personified by that cute red thing that kind of looks like a Mobius strip. Interesting. Wait, no, that's all crap. You're a damn spammer! Argh! Why must I always seek out meaning from patterns that are utterly devoid of it!

Oh, and yes, this video is awesome. But a question arises: do The Ampersands ever play live?